Monday, September 14, 2009

Our little piece of Earth....

My dad likes to fly. Two weeks ago he went up with a local pilot and took some area photos! I'm sharing two of our farm. If anyone ever doubts we produce our own stuff, here's proof of our 60 workable acres! The dark, vibrant green strips are our organic soybean patches! All vegetables are in fields 101 & 105 this year. (the top in pic 1 and to the left in pic 2.)You can also see the long strip of our strawberry patch in field 102. (bottom in pic 1, top right in pic 2)It makes me a bit sad, as I can see where the tomatoes used to be, and it's just strips of brown soil now. The grading barn and the greenhouses also really stand out in these photos! There is a lot of space in those 'covered field' greenhouses that we will be using to their full potential. Behind the barn is a large pasture area we are currently cleaning up for use for organic beef cattle and organic pigs coming in the near future!! In between the soybeans was our hay field. Ben has since plowed it under as it was old. You can totally see where Ben has dug the potatoes and all that we have left!! LOTS!! The potatoes are located in the top right of pic 1 and top left/center in pic 2. Cabbage is very obvious with it's blue/green colour! On either side of the strawberries was were our veggies were last year....Nice to have these pictures to share! Thanks dad!!

The Great Fall Harvest!

I picked all this produce today! (except for the onions that are all in the barn nicely curing) The great fall harvest is beginning! Currently at market we are selling fresh Green Beans, Swiss Chard, Beets with fresh tops, fresh dug Potatoes, 'Candy' & 'Superstar' Spanish & Redwing Onions, fresh cut Cabbages, greenhouse Heirloom Tomatoes, Golden Sugar Beets to name the majority! New this week is fresh pulled Carrots! Our sweet carrots are back with a vengeance! Fresh tops to boot, so you know they are field fresh for sure!! Also beginning at the end of this week will be our fall Broccoli harvest! Next week, we will have tons for all markets. This fall we will be offering Celery, Leeks, Celariac (root celery, very tasty!), Empire Apples, Red Delicious Apples (not an abundance and not pretty at all from our trees lining the farm driveway), Pie Pumpkins, Squash, Brussel Sprouts, Spinach, Arugula & Tatsoi. Going into storage with the leeks and celariac will be tons of cabbages, carrots, beets & onions.