Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas From The Farm!!

Well, it's that time of year again and how quickly it all comes and goes! Christmas on the farm has always been special.  We all come together to eat and drink with family and friends, sharing the bounty from our harvest and buying in other great foods from local producers. For kids, well it's a spectacular time, especially if your lucky enough to actually SEE Santa outside with his big sack and know for sure his sleigh and reindeer are parked behind the big hedge in the field!!!  We've had a lot of fun during past Christmas's!!
  Ben and I have been rushing around - not buying gifts or dealing with mass shoppers -we don't buy into the retail aspect of the holidays, instead keep busy like elves ourselves grading storage crops, delivering produce and attending markets!  It's been a busy, busy season!  We get two Saturdays off, but the Thursday markets continue!  Christmas eve will be a celebration packed with 'Prawn Wontons' and  'Duck Poutine', a menu sure to please!  Ducks cannot be mass produced like Chicken and Turkeys, all packed into large barns fed medicated feed and hormones, as they will DIE!  That is why you do not notice as much duck meat at the regular grocery stores but a plentiful amount of chicken and turkeys. They need fresh water and sun! Duck meat is dark and succulent and I am going to slow roast mine with a Rosemary Thyme Butter under the skin and it's cavity filled with orange slices! I'm then going to offer up fresh roasted duck meat a top deep fried French Fries and top with Monforte's Cheese Curds and homemade Mushroom Gravy loaded with Garlic! I'll spoil the animals Christmas morning with some cooked grain and mashed no. 2 potatoes and a hefty amount juice carrots for Lady Bug, the most gentle horse on the planet! No word of complaint when I put a Santa hat on her head for this photo!
"Merry Christmas Smashy!" (Love Bug. XXOO).
 And most especially, a personal holiday greeting goes out to our daughter, 'Smashy':  We miss you and Christmas just won't ever be the same without you around!  Please come home one year soon!  Understand that your next visit to the farm will be met with only smiles, laughs and encouragement like always. You are one of a kind. We wish you an awesome Christmas and a Happy New Year! Don't work too hard...;) Ok, OK, enough mushy crap: stay tuned, as Paul is coming over for Christmas, along with other fun friends and family members, so I'm going to get them to pose with your holiday sign too!!!  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all! 

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

All about our Holiday Food!

The farm is awash in a nice snow cover, but luckily we have missed the massive snow squalls other county's have received.  This means my perogie crew had no trouble driving in from all the back roads and neighboring towns.  We hit the kitchen both Monday and Tuesday of this week and have created enough holiday food now for the markets!  A quick photo blog before I discuss NEW PREPARED FOODS being made! Time is flying and we are busy, busy, busy and I cannot believe the year is almost at an end!!
 Above Mary and Ben rolling the dough and cutting the circles for the Perogies.....
Above Anne making the Potato Cheddar Perogies....
Above Boiling the Perogies....
Above Cooling the Perogies.....
My favorite machine, Mr. Hobart nicely put away after all it's service making dough and mashing potatoes....I love the Ukrainian Cloths the women have it wear when not in use!  This machine is respected - once you've made dough and mashed potatoes by hands for years, this becomes a welcome friend in the kitchen!!
Ok, ok, before I have to disappear into the barn to grade today for tomorrow's market a quick introduction to some New Foods!!  I've had my vegan friend sample and give me critical feed back, so my tweaks have been made and production is set to begin! 
Vegan Perogies
Yes, it has been done and they are GOOD! We use Unbleached Organic White Flour, Organic Sunflower Oil, Sea Salt, Apple Sauce (grandma suggested I try this in lieu of eggs...interesting..), Yellow Fleshed Potatoes, lots of Onions rendered down Sweet! We are still working on a great topper, as regular perogies are awesome with bacon, butter & sour cream, so we are working on a flavourful vegan topping! The apple sauce gives a nice aroma that mingles well with the sweet onions and potatoes.  Excellent lightly pan fried with olive oil.
Vegan Cabbage Rolls
Now these are awesome!!  Yes Beef and Pork are our traditional, but I can't believe the excellent flavours and how healthy these guys are!!  I use our own Organic Cabbage, Tomato Sauce as per usual.  The filling is Long Grain Brown Rice, rendered down Onions until they are Sweet in Organic Sunflower Oil, our own Green Peppers & Sweet Red Peppers (I froze at the hall this past summer ;), Ground Flax Seed, lots of Garlic & Sea Salt & Pepper.....They are fully roasted and just need to be heated until piping hot!  They are filling and delicious! I don't miss the meat - and that is rare! My vegan friend had never had a cabbage roll before and she loved them!  Look for these item in abundance when I have more time after the holidays during January and February!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The beginning of inspirational winter eating....

I am absolutely inspired most days by my surroundings and what I can create with what we produce on the farm. Currently we do not sell our farm`s fresh eggs at market, but yet another project to look into. Making the time to basket my eggs and head to a grading station never seems to make it into my schedule!  I can have bragging rights though, as the following pictures are of my roosters, hens, my eggs and the most yellow yolks (just call them orange!) because of their healthy diet!
It was chaos around the farm this morning as I went into the barn before dawn to catch the new, free range birds to clip wings and put in the outside pen with the others.  Snow is coming, it`s better for them to get used to the coop area. Also, I seem to have a 5 month old German Shepherd with a taste for chicken! Fresh, organic, free range eggs in your diet is such a good thing! Your own meat birds are good too! And I can`t wait to sample the first of our own rabbit meat.  I never seem to get sick of eggs or meat but storage, I`m already sort of dreaming for spring!  I`m making a mission this winter to create different types of foods and share recipes (specifically within market newletters) to combat what can turn into 'boring storage crop winter eating'.  After long discussions with market customers and learning about different shows and chefs I have found one I am completely in love with:  Jamie Oliver and his show 'Jamie at Home'. Though I miss almost all the recipes on TV, I get them online and have to share one today. This is simple, nutritious, yummy, proper way to eat!  I love how his kitchen is simple and pretty tiny, he's got a very rustic garden and an even more rustic gardener that grows his ingredients for him.  He often takes the time to meet with and learn from the producers of the ingredients within his recipes, such as a hunter who caught his fresh rabbits.  I am very relieved to see so many cooking shows now inspiring women to feed their families properly!  Out with the processed boxed, convenience foods and in with lots of fresh veg and real food!  There is just no more time for excuses!  I love how it is becoming mainstream now...  This is very, very exciting...
I'm sharing a picture of our storage beets and carrots atop my great grandmothers cutting board.  These crops will definitely be available this winter at most markets.  Within his episode entitled: 'Winter Salads' I found this gem. Go ahead and try Jamie`s Roast Carrot and Avocado Salad with Orange and Lemon Dressing It is delicious, nutritious and sooo colourful! I'm also inspired at market each week.  I never leave Toronto without basic staples: Olive Oil, Real Good Cheeses, MUSHROOMS.......soo many kinds....
 Well, there is just too much good stuff at market.  Time for me to grab my camera and take it along with me for an 'inspirational market journey' and showcase some of my fellow vendors this winter.  I feed them, they feed me.  It's such a win-win for everyone!  Ali needs some bulk potatoes, she in turn gives me some Walnut Bread.....
Fresh Ginger and Garlic are also staples within my kitchen. Simply cooking pieces of ginger rendering it down into a simple spicy tea makes the house smell awesome and gives your taste buds a kick! It now also reminds me of my market friend Toshimi, who often drinks hot Ginger on cold Saturday mornings at market!  Garlic, oh I love you!  Here comes winter, here comes fresh garlic & cooked garlic a plenty!  Stay tuned for some great, great winter blogging and lots of recipes all tried and true!!  ; )

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Prepared Food Time!

Whew!  What a ride this year and it’s not letting up!  I know, I know everyone waits for a long time for the years first batch of perogies and one day I hope to keep them going year round.  It’s just impossible at this time due to time constraints with growing a ton of seasonal fresh veg! When we can afford to employ more field labour and grading/market staff I will be able to look into prepared foods year round.  Believe me, I’m working on it!  Don’t I say this every year? This week was the introduction of our Organic Sauerkraut.  Made from our own certified organic cabbage and certified organic onions and course salt,  it is the real deal.  We make huge batches and they are left to ferment in the hall kitchen for just shy of two weeks.  The kitchen is kept warm to aid in the fermentation process.  During this time each morning and evening it is essential to ‘check in’ with the kraut and clean off any foam and check brine levels.  I still have not mastered the ‘taste’ technique and leave it up to 85 year old kitchen manager Anne to ‘taste’ and let me know when it has ‘soured’ properly for packing.  We pack into tubs and the kraut is then frozen.  Frozen kraut does not kill the good stuff!  This is how my grandpa had his kraut - in a barrel, frozen out behind the house!  Chip off what you need!!  I may look into a non-pasteurizing jarring method for the future, but for now our customers are loving it this way!  The majority of Sauerkraut you find in the grocery store is No.1 made with conventional sprayed cabbage, No.2 pasteurized with wine or some other brine.  Ours is raw, non-pasteurized containing all the beneficial bacteria!  Loaded with minerals and nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, Vitamin C & Vitamin K!  It is a super, super food!

And we are changing the recipe for SAUERKRAUT! I did a trial run with UNREFINED SEA SALT!!  The ladies at the hall scowled at it.  It was mentioned that the unrefined salt 'looked dirty'.....LOLOLOL!  The old ladies obsessed with 'white'!  I've learned a lot about salt and how crappy regular table salt is!  The 'anti-caking' agent, iodine, bleached etc.  Did you know that the refining process removes all the good natural minerals contained in the salt?  Ah ha!  'They' just sell those minerals back to you in the form of supplements.  May as well buy 'real, dirty salt' to begin with!! The kraut fermented with the unrefined sea salt turned out excellent.  I need to use more salt in the recipe and the result is slightly more sweeter.  Rave reviews so far.  Next batch - ALL unrefined! 
So yesterday at market I found myself surrounded by a Romanian woman, a Polish woman, and a Jewish woman.  Sounds like the beginning of an awful stupid joke, but we were all discussing our heritage and our different ways to make borscht while they shopped for their vegetables at our table.  I love to cook and am constantly inspired by my customers and I know I have a hand in inspiring others as well!  All cannot wait for my perogies!  While many of them make them all by themselves, they like ours ‘once in a while’, as hell, anyone who makes these European foods knows the work involved!  So today while I do my bag labelling, work out the cost of production,  do this blog, cook a big roast (to feed my crew tomorrow and Tuesday) I can’t wait to find out what I am going to learn this week from my well seasoned crew of women!  Tomorrow is prep day.  Cooking and mashing the potatoes with the cheese, boiling the sauerkraut and mixing it with rendered down onions in butter.  The most savoury and luxurious flavour inside a dough pocket! Hands down my favourite and each year I convert more and more people who seem stuck on just potato cheddar!  Tuesday I will unlock the Ukrainian Hall kitchen and be re-mashing potatoes and cheddar by 6 am, then making the dough by 7am.  We’ll have unbleached white and whole wheat dough this year for both kinds.   I have labelled my bags this year with ‘ingredient integrity’.  We will be using our own farm grown certified organic produce as ingredients wherever possible.  Beyond that every other ingredient (other than the sea salt….working on getting unrefined sea salt for all my cooking very shortly) will be certified organic and locally produced, nothing from outside of Canada.  I’ve sourced excellent flour and Sunflower Oil (Canola is out!), along with organic FREE RANGE eggs! Dairy items including Butter used and the Old Cheddar Cheese  will be Organic Meadow and perhaps some ‘Harmony’ brands soon, as our organic neighbours now ship to Harmony, so I like the idea of perhaps having their milk within our products!  So then I start wondering how I can improve business.  Next step will be doing the actual paperwork and paying the fees associated with getting the product certified so I can sell to a couple stores.  I’ve got family ties with regards to working out proper nutritional labelling, so within the next few years the product line can move forward!  OMG, will I have enough time?  No time to worry now, head down, focus. For now, all we can manage is the farm markets!  Retail sales are the best for these time consuming homemade products.  I start thinking that I could get the women to begin an hour earlier to up production.  Ben insists that I cannot push the older ladies and that we can’t do more than we already do.  I think we can and am going to try.  THEN I am reminded of Ben Stiller’s nurse character from the Adam Sandler movie “Happy Gilmore”"My fingers hurt...." …… LOLOLOLOLOLOL, ok, I don’t want to mistreat my ladies! My youngest is 65, oldest 85.  We’ll be a crew of 12 on Tuesday.   Eight ‘pinchers’, one ‘roller’, one ‘cutter’, one ‘cooler’ and me, the lone ‘cook’! My mother in law, my grandmother, Polish friends & Ukrainian friends.  It’s a lot of work, but also a lot of fun and ALWAYS a learning experience for me!  Just when I think I’ve got the recipes down pat, Anne lets me in on another secret.  So here we go again folks!  Potato/Cheddar Perogies, Buttery Onion & Sauerkraut Perogies, Raw Sauerkraut, Frozen Sweet Corn, Frozen Green Beans, Frozen Peppers, Vegetarian Cabbage Rolls, Beef Cabbage Rolls….I don’t even have to say ‘enjoy’!  I know you all do - as you drive me crazy about WHEN the food is coming! :)

Friday, November 5, 2010

Fall at Sosnicki's farm....

(PPSSSSSSSTTT: For a 68 picture tour of our farm during fall time, head to our public page on Facebook: SOSNICKI ORGANIC PRODUCE  ; )
Okay, so we've had a beautiful fall.  We are still playing catch up for last year's tomato disaster, but all in all, much better.  We are getting very good at holding our own.  I think it has to do with something called pride.  We've recently witnessed the horrible downfall of a neighboring farm and it made my heart sink.  To think, that could be us.  It is not easy making a living farming just 60 workable.  It seems expenses and even wages keep heading skyward, but no one seems to want to pay more for veg.  Ben and I will not pirate our produce either, meaning we know it's top notch quality, but will never charge $5 for a bunch of carrots.  So a lot of other ideas are in the works to amplify earnings here at the farm.  Changes implemented will take a 10 year plan to take effect and grow this farm into something spectacular!  There is a lot of love that goes into growing this stuff and well, just to run your own business and display such magnificent produce, hell, I feel like the richest woman in the world!  Ben and I both love what we do, and I think that makes all the difference in the world.

 The picture above was taken on the day Ben turned 40.  We were out by good ol' field 101, where Ben plowed up the old pasture.  October 19th was a warm day and the sun felt especially nice.  To have a crop of peppers still thriving at this time of year is something special!

Peppers were excellent this season!  Golden Beets were awesome!  Sweet Potatoes were the newbie on the farm this year.  Super easy to grow, we'll be doing sweet potatoes every year from now on.  Having Evergreen come for a tour was really great!  Considering a lot of folks are soo far removed from where their food comes from and how it's produced, farm tours are very important - and THAT is where we come in!! I was proud of Ben - he embraced the visitors instead of hoping on a tractor and being 'busy'.  Below is Ben digging up some fresh sweet potatoes to show the Evergreen Crew.....
We were able to wrap up the season over at Riverdale Farmer's Market with a gorgeous display!  We had the most colourful Radish bunches ever! Peppers, Brussel Sprouts, Green Beans, Coloured Beets, Potatoes, Heirloom Tomatoes, Onions, Carrots, Leeks, Squash etc as the picture below shows....
To wrap up October of course we have to celebrate HALLOWEEN!! Carving pumpkins, like doing Easter eggs is a must around this farm! A lot of customers enjoyed the pumpkins and took lots of pictures at market!  I only felt bad when one tiny sweet little girl asked me very, very concerned:  "Why is the big pumpkin eating the little pumpkin?"  All I could reply was:  "Well, he's hungry!".....
The Jack-O-Lantern with the big toothy grin was nicknamed 'Kera' after our vegan helper!  At market it proudly displayed a huge carrot sticking out of it's mouth!  I'll blog as much as possible during the winter months...thanks for bugging me at market to keep blogging!!!  ;)

Friday, October 22, 2010

A Dream Home.....

So I get a telephone call from a friendly lady from my small town, who just happens to be in her 90th year. She's in need of some organic peppers & onions.  She's been to our farm, bought produce before.  A very spry, happy lady whom I really enjoy speaking with.  She's definitely an organic advocate! I decided to deliver - and for a small fee:  a tour of her home! 

From the moment I walked in the door I had goosebumps!  She was canning peppers, so immediately it smelled and felt homey. So rich with history, the house is alive! Built in the 1800's by a doctor, it is simply a masterpiece.  They do not build homes like this anymore. The ceiling height of each room, the size and scale of the windows, the woodwork, oh my, the woodwork! From the sils, baseboards to window panes it is absolutely gorgeous!  The kitchen was a bit too small but her stove is from the 60's and looks awesome!  The pantry in this house is a entire room with original cabinets that boasts tin lined drawers for your sugar & flour.  You know, when women used to cook.  Parlors, a Library, 2 staircases, gorgeous fireplace, and her collectibles - good lord, the house is a museum! She has the first doll she ever was given as a child.  It freakishly has 'real hair'.  She's got her 90 year old baby buggy in the old nursery upstairs!  Tons of pieces of furniture decades old!  To me, it is the quintessential country home.  This is my dream house.  Using old field stone, hiring a stone mason (do they even exist anymore?) finding an old abandoned house to refurbish old wood work to use in the new build etc,etc would be my way to build a 'new' home! I'll be insisting on solar & wind power though and a brick/stone massive indoor/outdoor wood fire stove!  Ahh, just dreams for now.  It's funny, as when I tour my friends new homes, I've never been jealous. To me they are all just cookie cutter and cheaply built compared to these old stone relics.  I felt sad when I left this home and truly wished I could pluck it up and move it to our farm!!!  And whoops, I left my stainless steel 'Evergreen' coffee container there....guess I'll have to plan another trip to claim it!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

What a great way to celebrate Thanksgiving - it's the official kick off of 'Organic Week' running from October 9th to October 16th! Head to for lots of information! Our farm will celebrate by partnering with The Big Carrot on Saturday, October 16th from 2pm - 4pm at the 'Carrot for a meet and greet where Ben and I will be serving our seasonal coleslaw on our edible cabbage plates. So come on out to The Big Carrot and meet the farmers that grow your food! ;) For more information about The Big Carrot grocery store and so much more head to:

Around the farm is busy and bountiful. Cute pie pumpkins, squash & sweet potatoes are seasonal favourites and our first harvest of brussel sprouts starts this week. As we pull our carrots and golden beets from the soil, pick some sweet red peppers & eggplants to roast up for our family Thanksgiving feast, we humbly give thanks to our customers who support us week after week and make what we do possible.
For a great story to read on your holiday Monday about our farm and Schibli's visit this blog: Staffers and volunteers from Evergreen were on farm at the end of September and a staffer by the name of Melissa wrote a great blog about her experience.
A huge 'Happy Thanksgiving!!!' to Smashy who we think about everyday. Gobble, gobble, we miss you!!! ;)

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

It's still summer....

Peppers, peppers, peppers!  Big sweet red bells, red shepherds, sweet yellows, large orange bells, green bells, sweet chocolate peppers, pimentos, jalapenos, hot banana....ahhhh, then canning, grilling, roasting, pan frying....I love peppers!!! Was able to spend a great day with my mom canning a beautiful array of sweet peppers....  I have sooo many farm stories and crops to talk about!  We have sweet potatoes (oh a blog for another day!!) I've been busy at the hall preserving the seasons in between it all as well....  Sweet Corn, in the freezer.  Peppers, in the freezer.  (Frozen peppers will be used later on within our vegetarian cabbage rolls.) The sweet corn was lovingly preserved this year at the hall where I make my perogies with the help of my awesome crew of women. We've managed to put a fair amount away so that I may sell some frozen goodness this winter and also heat and serve warm at various winter markets as a nice 'taste of summer' when the snow is flying.  There is soo much humor along with learning during each kitchen event with the ladies.....I even got to witness a full blown argument about getting 70 year old (I'm NOT joking 70 year old) aprons their crisp white colour again!!! LOLOLOL, they are hilarious!  We were able to introduce Ben's mom, the farm's matriarch Sophie Sosnicki, to the Dufferin Grove market last week! It was a great time for all!  She kept busy re-loading the tables, meeting customers and watching people smile and purchase the goods from our farms' land that she helped to grown and grade.  She was a bit shaky on the highways, but loved the market!  We'll make this an annual thing for her....   Also this season everyone should be ROASTING red peppers....- almost as good a roasting tomatoes!  Oh and our field tomatoes are finished once again...crap blight - but as our friend Paul demonstrates the 'covered field' tomatoes are thriving!!! I will have my smiling face at market with bushels of heirloom tomatoes for a long while yet!!!!!  My pup Panzer is one of the smartest little dogs I've ever had!  Not demanding, not whiny or jumpy - just always quiet, sitting and staring into your eyes waiting to learn more and more and more!  The Big Carrot is hosting their first ever "National Organic Week" and have asked us to provide some farm photos - so that will something to include in the blog coming up as well.  I will also take the time to blog with recipes shortly as well....Have the big "Evergreen" crew heading to the farm next week for a big luncheon and tour, which will also warrant a great blog!  Big plans to get the 30+ city folk 'shucking' our garlic for planting in October!  I will catch up with some great blogs shortly....Enjoy the pics and thanks for your interest in our farm!

Monday, September 6, 2010

GOOD LUCK with your last year of High School Smashy!!!!

A quick lunch time blog dedicated to our daughter who starts the first day of her last year in High School tomorrow! We all cannot believe how fast you grew up! We all wish you all the best and know that you will be successful in what ever path you choose!  You are a really great person Smash and although we don't get to visit as much as we'd all like, we all want you to know that we are here for you - ALWAYS.  The farm and farm family has not changed - it will remain the same until your next visit! (Just probably more new animals!!!) Had to post this pic for you of our newest addition - PANZER.  He's going to be HUGE!  You'll love him! He's smart and is easy to train.  Anytime you want a huge home cooked meal, head over! Harvest this year is pretty good, better than last year but not without challenges of course.  Each time we are heading to market and are by passing Brantford your dad looks in your general direction and says:  "Hello Austin!"  Babca is doing well, even went on a holiday this summer waaaaayyy up North to fish with her Polish friends.  We are taking her to market for the first time this week!  She of course says 'hello' and misses you like crazy!
Well, all the best and we all hope to see you soon!  Good luck Smash!  Fly, fly! Love your family & friends from the farm.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Good, The Bad & the Fun in August at Sosnickis'!!

What an August!  The bad news is sucky field tomatoes once again.  The late blight is back with a vengeance.  This means we will not be able to offer the Romas for sauce in bulk for the duration we know people expect.  We are accepting bulk orders now and for the next two weeks but that will be it.  This is very disappointing and another financial loss. We were truly hoping that after two years we would have some luck with organic field tomatoes.....nope.  The 'covered field' tomatoes are okay however, meaning we will have the heirlooms to offer well into the fall season! Our Sweet Corn is doing wonderful!  We are happy to be educating folks on the reality of growing organic sweet corn and the price we need to get in order to make it worthwhile to grow.  The concept of cheap sweet corn is very, very wrong.  Corn is a heavy feeder and pulls a ton of nutrients from the soil.  As organic farmers being able to offer this crop means we have to be very careful with the land after a year of corn to build it back up to keep the land healthy. We are happy that our customers understand this concept and are willing to pay us a fair price for our corn.  We are also happy everyone understands that organic corn comes along with 'little wormy friends' from time to time!  A friendly Jamaican customer at Dufferin remarked:  "My mother told me not to trust food unless the creatures of the earth try it first."  I like that advice!   Our corn is an all yellow, smaller kernel, sweet corn that receives a ton of praise at market.  Look out for various chefs using our corn at markets this fall.
Ben and I, along with my brother Mike ventured over to Ted Thorpe's farm this past Saturday night for an event called "Tedstock".....LOLOLOL!  It rained, but man, what a party! My brother Mike instructed me to soak a bunch of our corn in a water barrel, then he cooked it inside it's husk at 'Tedstock' on a bed of hot coals!  What a treat to share with everyone!  Chefs cooking all sorts of amazing seasonal fare, Bands playing and 'Belly Dancing in the Rain' later in the evening! I had to include a couple shots of Ben and Ted 'belly dancing' was awesome!  It decided to pour rain, but it was still a great, great time!  Ben, our new pup 'Panzer' and I slept soundly in the back of the 'ol market truck after a long night of socializing with great, great people associated with organic agriculture.  Party's over, back to work!  Along with great Sweet Corn, expect to see sweet large Watermelons, Purplehaze Carrots, Golden Beets, and all sorts of colourful Peppers at market shortly!  We are anticipating a great fall despite the tomato shortage!  We carry on! Enjoy the harvest!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Our Farm in Macleans Magazine!

It feels really nice when you get to read about what you do in a publication like Macleans! Please read the entire story at: Sosnicki's in Macleans!  It has become essential for us to continue to look at various ways to create value added products using our own produce to increase the viability of this farm business. We are a long way off from a successful processing business, however have it in the 'big picture' as soon as finances allow!  It seems very natural to me to 'preserve the seasons' as something I grew up with both my mother and grandmother doing.  I wouldn't feel comfortable relying on just grocery stores to feed me all winter. To have a bare fruit cellar and empty freezer come fall frost seems scary to me.  It's a very gratifying, awesome tasting, affordable way to sustainably live.  It does not take a million years in the kitchen to squirrel stuff away and also not hard to learn.  Small children can easily get fascinated by the whole process and be quite occupied helping to 'bag beans' or label items.  There is nothing quite snow flying on a cold January day and you've got a free range chicken roasting in the oven and a side of storage potatoes and sweet corn (nestled with golden organic butter) making your kitchen smell amazing, while you plan your next day's menu of using left over chicken, heating up some of your frozen green beans and carrots from storage to make a soul-warming chicken pot pie.....Canned heirloom tomatoes lend a hand with frozen peppers and frozen pesto cubes to create an amazing mid week pasta sauce!  I use this sauce for homemade pizza base, pizza toast etc,etc when left-over. The fields are booming people!  Head to your local farmer's market and buy some great food and take the time to squirrel a bit away for winter too! If you just can't find the time, I'll have frozen sweet corn and green beans available along with the perogies and kraut and a few new surprises too!  ***Thanks to my aunt Carol for giving the magazine copy to mom!  I never did get one, got busy, forgot about it....nice to have! Thank You!!*****

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Markets July 2010....

Well, we've got a new addition to our busy schedule!  The new 'Bay & Adelaide Farmer's Market' put on by Evergreen ( Go to Evergreen! ) and will run each Thursday from 11:00am until 2:00pm.  We'll sell until 1:30pm, as we've got to hike it over to the Dufferin Grove Organic Market ( Go to Dufferin Grove Park! ) to set up and sell from 2:30pm until 7:00pm.  The Bay & Adelaide space really did need some 'greening' up and the business folk who look down at us from their office towers seem very interested in what is going on! Not only can you find our fresh produce at this market but the best honey, Merchants of Green Coffee, Monforte Dairy, Chocosol, Bruno and his mushrooms, excellent food from Brian Burk Wine Bar, Jamie Kennedy Fries, all vegan and raw foods from Hearty Catering and the list goes on. Grab a coffee, or an ice coffee, lemonaide, gourmet lunch, cheeses, fresh bread, fresh organic produce all during your lunch hour! Your air conditioned office space will keep her cool until quittin' time! The Bay & Adelaide market will run until September 9th, so please come and enjoy!  Dufferin Grove continues to be a winner for our farm.  A great atmosphere, great people, droves of familar faces and returning customers week after week, year after year.  This market continues to keep 'the organic aspect' alive and well.  Our farm volunteer Tomhas (pictured in the top pic!) has been with us almost 3 weeks and he's leaving us this weekend!  The time went by fast and he did a great job! Thank You Tomhas!