Friday, December 18, 2015

Big, Exciting Changes on the Farm for 2016!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to all!
We wish all our customers a happy, healthy new year a head filled with lots of organic food! 
We are growing another new crop for 2016....Baby No. 3!!!  Due right at the beginning of strawberry season too! Imagine that!  It's going to be a very happy and busy year at our farm!

And of course, we have decided to make some big changes to operations around here.  New infrastructure, new crops....YEP, why NOT go big when you are in the midst of raising babies?? Haha, that's how it goes! So, once again I will promise to blog, but only when I get a chance.  Best bet if you keep tabs on us: Instagram.  It's a very easy tool for me.  Snap a pic with my phone, add some info, post, done. Pictures worth a thousand words...
These crops I graded out/harvested TODAY and will be available TOMORROW at the Brickworks Farmers Market. All minus the tomatoes, I am hogging the last of the last to myself! We are finishing up at the markets however.  We have decided that we will be off until Spring 2016.  We have many things that need attending too on the farm ;) 

It's been very hard for me not being able to be complete hands on running operations here on the farm now that I am busy with the kidlets.  But the last couple of months Ben and I hammered out a radical plan and it's working!  So I am back in the fray next year more than ever - with kids in toe! So back to the kitchen I go as well, to create those value added goodies that everyone has been hounding me for!  Stay tuned.  I am VERY, VERY excited about next year.  I've been waiting a long time to kick er' into high gear.  (The fact I am doing it mid babies just completely figures! That's how it goes in my universe!) The reason for most changes is this years crop failures.  We have very little storage cabbage income and lost the mass majority of the cauliflower.  Now, this 'financial fear' did what it does best: created some serious moxy and motivated us to make some big changes.  Sometimes scary, but always necessary.  When the going gets tough, Jessie gets bitchy and kills it. Seriously, thats how it goes.
  First and foremost - we grow organic veggies.  That's what we do and what we will continue to do best. 2016 will see more varieties of the veggies you've come to love.  And new stuff entirely. And early.  And late season.  Our job at markets will be to create as much variety as possible while maintaining a premium product at a fair price.  We tend to skip fancy packaging and most labeling and let our veggies sell themselves.  We like the idea of premium produce in paper bags. We like the idea of our customers being able to choose what they would like and hopefully bring along their own bags to put in it!  We will continue to freak people out by having very early heirloom tomatoes and very late heirloom tomatoes! We'll fire up those greenhouse and max them out big time during 2016! 

As the lazy winter dayz in Jan and Feb pass you by, know that we are frantically ordering seeds, making plans and actually starting to seed! We will be back in full swing before you know it!  Bring on 2016!!!!  ~ Jessie, Ben, Sadie, Nate and 'Baby Strawberry'.