Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Quick Pic Farm Update ;)

Ok, so we are speeding right along now! The cool spring certainly set us back (onions are in a month later this year!) but crops seem to be on the upswing!
Strawberries are full swing. This week will be our most plentiful, then by next week they will dwindle. The flavour on these berries were excellent however the sweetness was not there. Cool weather I suppose. We've certainly enjoyed them and got our annual fill! 
The heirloom tomato jungle is going crazy!! We are so busy outside that these giants have to wait for a rain day or late eve suckering job! 
Kale!! Looking pretty decent! Huge patches of all green curly, RedBor and Dino kales. We did have some cut worm damage under the ground cloth, but we've also planted more than twice as much this year, so that should make up for it!
Peas!! Sugar snaps and shelling type. Like I mentioned in the market newsletter, Ben and the men worked very hard to keep this patch clean! Full swing this week and next for peas!
Boring lettuces...haha! This gorgeous patch is readily being harvested every other day now. Soon it will be finished...
Corn!!! We grew grain corn this year for the first time in over a decade! Of course nonGMO, certified organic and should be good for our rotation. We've even put in an acre of white grain corn for Chocosol this year for their tortillas! Exciting! 
So head out to market to see my other two partners- Ben and MarketBaby! We are optimistic about this season. So come see us soon at Dufferin or The Brickworks :)