Saturday, October 22, 2016

A Thankful October on the farm!

Well, finally some cool weather!  Fall has officially arrived after that heat wave of a dry summer!  The men are leaving soon, but we use the last few weeks of October and the very beginning of November to get everything in the barn before the snow flies.
 Our onions were nice this year.  We got a whole wack of garlic planted. We have a nice cabbage crop to put a way for trimming this winter.  We'll be mass harvesting carrots and beets this coming week for the winter.  This year was very busy, but pretty decent despite the drought.
We are still selling peppers!  The red Sheps were AMAZING this year.  To the point we had a bumpercrop and couldn't even sell all of them!  The cauli is small, but at least we have some!  Apples were not as abundant but we found some to sell!  The romas and ALL tomatoes were pretty good out in the fields this season.  Particularly because we had them on drip and plastic mulch. 
The above pic was the tomato/pepper patch.  It's always bittersweet to see it go.  It seems so fast.  So much effort goes into growing all this stuff from seed, then the maintenance to grow it, harvest it...but this was a stellar patch for sure.  Excellent production on a small patch of dirt.
The kids kept us busy this year.  Who needs a jungle gym when you have farm equipment? I totally remember climbing on my dads cultivator when I was little!
Alot of my time was spent with this little dude here, Jonah.  I keep thinking I'm holding Nathan.  Ah, a market customer bought us that cute prince toy among other things, so THANK YOU!! That's always pretty special when the market truck comes home bearing gifts!
We got to celebrate Thanksgiving with our men, family and other helpers this year on our awesome new deck.  I wish I got a picture of 2 year old Nathan who was sitting at the end with my men in his highchair with corn all over the place!!
One of thee last jobs before our men get ready to leave for the season.  Cutting cabbage and loading the cooler.  I CANNOT believe we are at this stage already.  Blows my mind.  
Well, gearing up for a good, hearty winter.  We'll have:
onions, garlic, cabbage, kale, carrots, beets, potatoes for quite some time yet at the markets and to select stores.