Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What Snow Storm?

A nice cozy night on the farm last night.  A big fire keeping the house warm.  Ben and I arguing at 2am about who is going to go down and put another stick in the fire.  Waiting for the silver barn to crack in half and fly away in the HUGE ASS STORM HITTING SOUTHERN ONTARIO every channel was crapping their pants about the night before. Ben woke up shaking his head today.  The way the weather media promoted this ‘storm’ was not very accurate.  We are just laughing now because I swear immediately following the ‘end’ of the storm warning in our area, it began to snow!  I think we got all of 10 cm during the ‘storm’. Ben did get stuck with the tractor and plow once this morning, but I was able to pull him out with the ol’ dodge.  A few big drifts down our long laneway. 

First thing in the morning I was laughing as Lady Bug our horse went sauntering by the house as if to say: “What storm?“  She wasn’t hiding in the barn, she was out and about and all over as usual. Her woolly mammoth long shaggy coat had some ice on it this morning, but she didn’t seem to be bothered one bit. Panzer our German Shepherd pup spent the night in the house, while Rex stubbornly stayed in the garage.  Panz was wild and reckless this morning in the snow! He steals the cat food off the barrels and steals cobs of corn I give to the horse. Check out vampire dog! We did not have a ‘snow day holiday’ today.  With the warm woodstove fired in the barn, we worked grading sweet potatoes, beets, carrots, potatoes and cabbage today for Dufferin Grove market tomorrow.  Sometimes I think the media is in cahoots with retailers when they start screaming STORM OF THE CENTURY just to scare people into racing town to stock up on ‘winter supplies’. How convenient for the stores that are getting ready to bring in spring merchandise.  It’s just baffling how wrong weather reporters are constantly and it is beyond annoying given the fact we count on the weather for our livelihood!!!! Whatever, we roll with it, whatever this way comes!  So now I can curl up in the office, blog and sip a drink while oil heats up. Ben and I are celebrating our 9th Wedding Anniversary today.  Just got back from the butcher’s down the road and a deep fry is on the menu. We’ve been eating so wholesome lately it’s time to be naughty and indulge.  It is my goal to kill and eat my first chicken this year and also to manufacture my own chicken burgers (with flax and all sort of spices and flavours!). But that blog is for another time. Enjoy February markets - Ben and I still have a decent amount of storage crops and intend on continuing heading in to the city on a regular basis!

…..Hey Smashy! Just had to tell you, I had one heck of a dream last night with you in it! It was hilarious and I woke up telling Ben and we both were remembering fond memories and laughing. You are soo missed, you have no idea kiddo! Remember what we were doing on this day 9 years ago? I am making Ben watch the wedding video this year, it’s been 4 years since we’ve seen it, so it’s time.  He’s groaning…hahahahaha!!