Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Farm kids have it good.

It's a warm fall on the farm.  And it's time to rip around in the fresh air, eat the best of what's in season! Home grown goodness! And our two children are frickin' awesome and making life all the more special and worth working hard for!
I don't social media the hell out of the kids, and keep my zillions of photos of them private, so when I post pics its usually because I really, really want to share. 
Sadie and Nate are growing up fast and Ben and I are holding on for dear life!  Nate is almost walking! They both eat so amazing! Like, I mean raw sauerkraut, onions, peppers and Sadie dips a lot of things in mustard. Garlic, fruit, no white sugar period...tomatoes like apples....making sure they get a good head start on a world of crap out there! Playing in the dirt, eating dirt off of freshly harvested carrots, bellies full of those probiotics.
Nathan is catching up to Sadie fast! She actually tries to coach him to walk now! "Come'on brother! I want you to play with me!!!"  We have an awesome Hallowe'en birthday planned, because yep, he was born on Hallowe'en!
This pic chokes me up. Sadie really takes after her grandmother Sophie who passed away. Sophie would have loved to spend time with her. We lost Sophie when Sade was a tiny baby. Sadie is kind, caring and sensitive, just like her grandmother.  Sadie will learn how awesome her grandmother was and be able to be proud of where she comes from.
The one thing that Ben and I have vowed is to do is show these two the BEST possible childhood EVER!  No drama, no bullshit, they will be KIDS and DREAM and PLAY and never have to worry about adult CRAP until they are adults themselves! We have a TON of FUN to look forward too! Look out world, the Sosnicki's have arrived!