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Our Organic Strawberries 2016!

I cannot even express how excited we are about this year's strawberry crop.  I still don't like to talk too much about them, boast or brag, as harvest has not begun and I always worry when stuff looks so darn nice that we'll get a blast of stupid hail or something.  Now, that's thinking positive!  lolol
Anyhow, they are coming along and there should be a lot of fruit out there this season - hopefully!
Organic strawberries are not easy to grow and take a lot of time and patience.  For this patch we purchased three different varieties last spring from G.W. Allen nurseries in Nova Scotia. We've bought plants from this nursery in the past and love the quality of these hardy perennials. Choosing the right varieties for our winters and growing season is very important.  They are shipped dormant and look like shriveled up half dead frozen plants when they arrive.  Definitely  not much to look at but have a nice strong root system.
 I've blogged about this before in J…