Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A quick story about our vegan cabbage rolls...

Vegan cabbage rolls are easy for us to make.  With a bit of planning through out the summer, ingredients are easy to come by.  They differ each year depending on what crops did well and how much extra time I had during the summer to can or freeze.  This year was awesome for tomatoes and peppers so I was able to squirrel away a lot of roasted red peppers and roma tomato sauce!
Kale is new this year in the filling and it turned out excellent.  We are still harvesting fresh kale out of the greenhouses and the fields. The ladies at the hall are always interested to see what new ingredients I will be incorporating! Above Anne washes and preps the kale for cooking down. I pretty much just stir fry the kale with a bit of sunflower oil in a big pot to render it down to add to the rice mixture.
Above, my grandma and Sheila are busy peeling our cooking onions.  Onions are a staple in all cabbage rolls I make.  Stella peels lots of our garlic.  The garlic is added into the mix just before roasting, so they are nice and garlic-laced! Jars and jars of our roma tomato sauce is at the ready.
Our frozen roasted red peppers are heated up.  We strain the juice from them and add this amazing juice to the tomato juice!  We do the same with the onions that were cooked down with sunflower oil and unrefined sea salt.  A beautiful concoction of roasted pepper juice, tomato juice and onion juice are added to each layer or rolls in each roast pan. This was 86 year old Anne's idea this year and man, let me tell you, it is good! We have nicknamed them 'Christmas Cabbage Rolls' because the roasted red pepper and the kale make a beautiful red and green color combination!
 Once the filling mix of brown rice, kale, red peppers, onions, garlic, sunflower oil and unrefined sea salt is mixed and tasted, we roll them in our cabbage leaves.  The cabbage has been cored and boiled out and leaves torn into sized pieces for easy rolling. After each layer is created, it is topped with the glorious tomato, pepper, onion juice mixture.
I always get a kick out of the roast pans at the hall.  They have cooked a lot of food over the years and to see the faded masking tape with our town's name on it, you can only imagine what the ladies were roasting and where they were taking the food and who they were feeding.  The cabbage rolls are roasted for no less than 3 hours.  They are topped with remnant cabbage leaves to protect them from burning.  They are packaged and more sauce is added before they are covered.  They are then frozen and ready for you to buy! They will be at all markets this week and over the holidays and into the new year.  I do sell out, so feel free to order by emailing me at jb@sosnickiorganics.com indicating how many packs of 6 rolls you need at $12 each and which market you want to pick up at.  We are active at Dufferin Grove each Thursday from 2:30 pm until 7:00 pm and Evergreen's Brick Works Saturday morns from 8 am till 1 pm and Wychwood Green Barns market from 8 am till 1 pm on Saturday morn as well.  Enjoy them folks - they are very, very good this year! Oh yeah, and they are certified organic too :)

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Time to order holiday foods!

Because it's disappointing when I am 'sold out' and it's hard to gauge how much of what to bring to each market, I'm taking orders for our holiday food this year!  Please note that these food are available after these holiday dates as well. We'll keep making these foods well into February, so please feel free to enjoy them for the next few months :) If you have a special event and need to order quantity for dates not listed, email me a heads up and I'll see how I can help you :)

Simply email me at jb@sosnickiorganics.com with your preferred market for pickup and the foods your heart desires and I will make sure you get your goodies :)

Markets: Dufferin Grove Organic Farmer's Market: 2:30pm until 7:00pm each Thursday. Taking orders for December 13th  & December 20th.
Evergreen's The Brickworks Farmer's Market:  8:00am until 2:00pm each Saturday. Taking orders for December 15th, December 22nd.
Wychwood Farmer's Market: 8:00am until 1:00pm each Saturday.  Taking orders for December 15th, December 22nd.

Our foods available:
Vegan Cabbage Rolls ~ $12 half dozen large, fully roasted, frozen. Contains our own organic cabbage, organic onions, organic kale, organic red peppers, organic garlic, organic tomatoes. Also contains organic long grain brown rice, organic sunflower oil and unrefiined mineral rich sea salt. Heat and serve! So good, I don't make meat ones anymore!

Perogies ~ $8 half dozen or $30 for 4 packs which is 2 full dozen.  Jumbo, handmade, fully boiled, frozen. 2 filling choices: "The Decadent" organic potato, organic cheddar, organic onions, organic butter, organic flour, organic eggs, organic sunflower oil, unrefined mineral rich sea salt. OR "Buttery Onion & Sauerkraut" organic sauerkraut, organic onions, organic eggs, organic butter, organic flour, organic sunflower oil, unrefined mineral rich sea salt. Thaw and pan-fry both varieties!

Unpasteurized Sauerkraut ~ $7 per jar or 3 jars for $20. (please note that $1 from the proceeds of each jar of our organic sauerkraut will support Community Food Programming at Evergreen Brick Works.  We are proud to support Evergreen this holiday season!) Raw, organic and unpasteurized our sauerkraut is the old family recipe. We grow a lot of cabbage, so it made sense for us to create this super food to share with our customers! Simply refrigerate! 

Frozen Sweet Corn & Green Beans ~  $5 corn $4 beans. Frozen 3/4 lb tubs. Blanched at the peak of the season and frozen for local eating all winter long! Heat and serve.  The corn is just as sweet and tasty as you remember in the summer time!