Wednesday, September 21, 2011

September's Peppers

Ben and I look forward to peppers each year.  It's a long process.  Seeding most peppers begins in February or early March.  A lot of time and care goes into producing these gems.  Now that Organic Meadow is creating some excellent quality cream cheese, 'Jalapeno Poppers' around here are notorious!  So simple: Cut the top out of the jalapenos,  remove seeds and insides while leaving the stem creating a 'boat'.  Fill with cream cheese and either broil or bake at a high temp for the most succulent non deep fried 'poppers' around!  Very addictive!  Our jalapenos throw excellent heat, but all vary in hotness.  One popper will make you tear, while the others only cause a mild shrug.  We grew the usual hot banana's but new this year are chili's, cayenne and habaneros.  Holy hot habaneros!!  Orange fire crackers for sure!  Come visit any market until fall frost to enjoy the hot peppers in plentiful amounts!
Another favourite thing to do with seasonal peppers is to ROAST!!  Big slices, even whole peppers drizzled in olive oil and a pinch of sea salt and roasted until charred sweet!  You can simply bag and freeze to use all winter or make a delectable soup with butter-rendered onions and a good quality stock and heavy cream. Ben and I are addicted to Roasted Red Pepper Soup and Garlic Bread this time of year! 
My beauties.  This would be a 'King Arthur' Red Bell to the right, red Jalapeno's up front, and so very special on the left are my Grandpa Mike's Red Shepherd Peppers. These open-pollinated huge tapered peppers are just damn good and bring me nothing but excellent memories.  We are continuing the tradition of saving the seeds from the biggest and the best I can find out in the field for next year and years to come.  I always say 'Hello Grandmpa'! when I discover my first red each year.  I know Grandpa Mike would be proud of how Ben and I are treating his peppers! ;)
  It wouldn't be September without Eggplants!  Here are my Rosa Bianca, Fairy Tale and Black Enorma.  And yes, those are our grapes!  Wild, little seed filled sour things, but worth picking when I'm out by the creek. Eggplants are SOOO good when simply pan fried with garlic butter. But then again, what isn't?  They act like mushrooms, like little sponges and sop up juice and flavour.  On pasta they are incredible with a medley of peppers, sweet onions and tomatoes.  Man, I love September! Yes, Peppers in bulk at all markets until fall frost!  Talk to me at market or send an email and we can bushel you some peppers to put away for the winter quickly approaching! Oh and we have Apples this fall too! Crisp, sweet Empires! Nice to see you again!