Wednesday, May 20, 2015

In the field

We got spoiled a bit ago with some mega warm temps.  Now we find ourselves more seasonally cool with a chance of frost this weekend.  And even with the new moon on June 2nd, another bout of frost could happen as well.  This is why we are holding off on field planting all our tenders, like tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, cucumbers etc.   Our cool loving crops like our peas, lettuces, onions, kale, chard, spinach will all hold their own if the frost hit. We will take precautions and cover our zucchini though, just to be on the safe side!  The above pic is Ben cultivating the peas.  We have hoed the onions and all these other spring crops twice now!  We have irrigated all the early crops too, as it was getting dry. That hot weather spurred zillions of tiny weeds to emerge!  We are on top of it!

Red lettuces and our sweet, crisp Romaine lettuces are growing away nicely!  We did not use ground cover to cover anything early on this year!  Because of those crazy hot temps, they needed to breathe!  I was not too keen on that hot weather, as our early crops like the cool spring.  Your lettuces, spinach and most especially PEAS taste sweeter and crisper is the weather is nice and cool. So we welcome the 'back to normal' spring weather.  Plus when it's freaky hot the sky starts to spur wild weather and I don't need a dump of hail on my stuff!!!

Above is Swiss Chard and Kale growing away nicely today. The kale is growing on a patch of land that has never housed kale ever before! And has been certified organic for over a decade! This is nice land, the kale will be glorious this year! Same goes for the chard!  This is a key part of our rotation and dedication to keeping the land healthy. 
Enjoy these sunny days and remember to cover tenders if you have them out already!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Happy Earth Day!!

Busy day..cold outside but the greenhouses are warm and green! Our workers arrived today, so the next few days will be spent working hard at getting some crops in the ground!!
Every day is Earth Day around here as we adhere to organic growing practices and respect our planet and the mega awesome mother - the soil!
Our heirloom tomatoes are huge and ready to be planted! Kale is a sea of majestic green - also ready to hit the dirt!
Enjoy your day and respect your planet ;)

Sunday, April 12, 2015

April is disappearing fast!

What a whirlwind month so far!  Now that we've finally got some heat out there, crops are up and at 'em.  Transplanting, seeding fall crops, amending greenhouses, the actual idea of working some ground is upon us.  Busy, busy, busy!  The greenhouse is on fire today and I am enjoying sweating while I bake out there watering the sun-hungry plants!  Big tomatoes ready to go into the soil within days now...onion seedlings still a bit slow, but kale is ready! Lettuces, chards all sizing up nicely.  Not jumping the gun because I feel the cold lurking around the corner again.  If these guys are in the field within two weeks time, they will certainly be wearing a cover cloth!

And the kids are enjoying this warmth outside more exploring their world! Sadie likes to mimic everything I do these days, and watering the plants is one thing she freaks to do!  She is an awesome, awesome child.  Happy, healthy and does the funniest little things constantly. An absolute joy. It is such a pleasure to be able to raise my kids, at home, while working at a job I adore.  Never missing a moment of them growing up. Not one. And sharing the concept of growing food with them.  One of thee most important life skills anyone could ever hope to have! And cooking. Sadie will be an awesome chef when I'm done with her. Period.

So folks, here's to the sun. She's been a long winter and not sad to see her gone.
Looking forward to those long, lazy, hot and hazy summer dayz... loaded with good food, friends and family! ~ Jessie ;P

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Organic Birthdays...

Our family is trying hard every day to eat the best we can - even during celebrations! For Sadie's birthday I made an organic fresh fruit cheesecake (It was so nice to enjoy a little bit of organic imported fresh fruit after such a long winter).  And when you use organic cream cheese, dairy and eggs in baking - man oh man is it good!! And I kept the cane sugar content low in the cakes. A peach punch with my canned peaches from last summer; my homemade salsa seasoned with spices and my dehydrated basil leaves enjoyed with organic corn nachos. A garlicky hummus with our colourful carrot sticks for dipping; organic cheeses, humblebread... etc etc were feasted on while we celebrated Sadie turning two! My mom jumped on the 'healthy but yummy' bandwagon too and made organic chocolate covered oranges and a killer guacamole!
So birthday parties don't have to be a giant fondant mess of refined sugar, artificial colours and flavours but instead really really yummy and healthy!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Our baby girl is 2!

Lil' Sadie-Bug is 2!! Can't believe it! And daddy bought her her first set of wheels - a tractor! She is a mega joy and makes us laugh constantly! Man oh man we are looking forward to all the fun we are going to have with these two kidlets!

March, what March?

Speeding right along here! We were able to start seeding mid March and are happy with the progress! We continue to grade out and sell Carrots, Cabbage, Beets, Onions and Potatoes! Busy, busy, busy!
This seasons crops may be a tad late, but so far so good! Repairs on the greenhouses are also keeping us going! Spring is here and we are happily gearing up for a fabulous growing season!