Thursday, January 28, 2016

Fix it!

Ah, the perils of keeping old structures alive. These greenhouses of ours are certainly relics, but suit our needs just fine! We finally have a bit of time to really spend the time/money to fix them properly.  Feels great to vamp them up a bit! Decades ago,these houses were recycled from a site hours away and brought to this farm and set up by Bens dad to house seedling transplants. They are certainly standing the test of time.
Tin needs to be replaced, sidewalls, glass replaced etc etc etc. But once it's fixed, cleaned, fired up and the greens begin to grow - life is wonderful!

Our entire season begins with these gracious old houses, and we feel humbled to keep them going. No doubt we will add new greenhouses to the farm one day - but not to replace these guys! I intend on keeping these glass relics for a very long time!

Friday, December 18, 2015

Big, Exciting Changes on the Farm for 2016!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to all!
We wish all our customers a happy, healthy new year a head filled with lots of organic food! 
We are growing another new crop for 2016....Baby No. 3!!!  Due right at the beginning of strawberry season too! Imagine that!  It's going to be a very happy and busy year at our farm!

And of course, we have decided to make some big changes to operations around here.  New infrastructure, new crops....YEP, why NOT go big when you are in the midst of raising babies?? Haha, that's how it goes! So, once again I will promise to blog, but only when I get a chance.  Best bet if you keep tabs on us: Instagram.  It's a very easy tool for me.  Snap a pic with my phone, add some info, post, done. Pictures worth a thousand words...
These crops I graded out/harvested TODAY and will be available TOMORROW at the Brickworks Farmers Market. All minus the tomatoes, I am hogging the last of the last to myself! We are finishing up at the markets however.  We have decided that we will be off until Spring 2016.  We have many things that need attending too on the farm ;) 

It's been very hard for me not being able to be complete hands on running operations here on the farm now that I am busy with the kidlets.  But the last couple of months Ben and I hammered out a radical plan and it's working!  So I am back in the fray next year more than ever - with kids in toe! So back to the kitchen I go as well, to create those value added goodies that everyone has been hounding me for!  Stay tuned.  I am VERY, VERY excited about next year.  I've been waiting a long time to kick er' into high gear.  (The fact I am doing it mid babies just completely figures! That's how it goes in my universe!) The reason for most changes is this years crop failures.  We have very little storage cabbage income and lost the mass majority of the cauliflower.  Now, this 'financial fear' did what it does best: created some serious moxy and motivated us to make some big changes.  Sometimes scary, but always necessary.  When the going gets tough, Jessie gets bitchy and kills it. Seriously, thats how it goes.
  First and foremost - we grow organic veggies.  That's what we do and what we will continue to do best. 2016 will see more varieties of the veggies you've come to love.  And new stuff entirely. And early.  And late season.  Our job at markets will be to create as much variety as possible while maintaining a premium product at a fair price.  We tend to skip fancy packaging and most labeling and let our veggies sell themselves.  We like the idea of premium produce in paper bags. We like the idea of our customers being able to choose what they would like and hopefully bring along their own bags to put in it!  We will continue to freak people out by having very early heirloom tomatoes and very late heirloom tomatoes! We'll fire up those greenhouse and max them out big time during 2016! 

As the lazy winter dayz in Jan and Feb pass you by, know that we are frantically ordering seeds, making plans and actually starting to seed! We will be back in full swing before you know it!  Bring on 2016!!!!  ~ Jessie, Ben, Sadie, Nate and 'Baby Strawberry'.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

What to expect during the coming weeks from our farm!

The fall harvest started out awesome and ended up pretty crappy.  Just with cabbage and cauliflower thou, all carrots, onions, potatoes are great!  Cabbage is a main storage wholesale crop, so that failure will be felt, but we will weather the storm.  We always do.  The cauliflowers are little baby mini's.  And they. are. cute. !!!  Making the most of it.  The baby romanesca's hold a nice green colour when steamed and an amazing light nutty flavor.  My kids are gobbling them up when cooked and tossed with butter. 
And some small white cauli's too.  Only available for the next couple of weeks. Then cold weather and possible snow will shut down harvest.
Our cabbage will still be available all winter long at Evergreen Brickworks market and at select retailers like The Big Carrot
We have a new home at Evergreen Brickworks!  We are located in the Welcome Center, the middle room of the site.  Tucked away in a warm corner you will find our farm this winter. We will be bringing the big shelf and a big sign so everyone will be sure to find us! Here is a pic from last Saturday. And YES, we have heirloom tomatoes still for the next two weeks! Nov. 21st and the 28th. Possibly not many ripe ones for the 28th but get out your favorite recipes for Fried Green Tomatoes! We mass harvested the covered fields, so we have baskets of tomatoes slowly ripening in the barn still. 
Enjoy our winter offerings everyone!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Fall Harvest!

Harvest is going great this season.  Now, that's easy when you've got stellar help like we've got!  Our helpers are awesome! And this brings peace of mind when you happen to be chasin' kids around all day long! Ben and I came to the realization that the best babysitters in the world are mom and dad. period. So it's completely awesome when when you can rely on helpers to pull together the crops and help maintain the farm you've built up over the years.  A team you can completely trust! I will say it again - every farm business needs reliable workers. period. And we love our crew!
Speaking of help, my buddy Tanya Fraser is another super helper, friend and an amazing holistic nutritionist!  I encourage all to visit her website and engage with her! She is SO happy and cheerful and awesome around my kids!  Even offered to babysit and dance and play now and then so I can hit the office or escape outside! What a gem.  It's her lifestyle and what she EATS that I swear makes her a pleasure to be around.  This winter should be a very happy, cheerful one around the farm!  We all love Tanya! 
Our fall carrot harvest is going well.  We are removing tops on the majority and binning them up for winter storage but will run with the tops as long as we can. Cabbage continues to be harvested.  Cauliflower is still sizing and will be a November treat. All potatoes and onions are now up and in the barn. Fresh field treats include Leeks, Kale, Swiss Chard, Carrots, Beets and even Heirloom Tomatoes are still being harvested. 
The days are long and awesome around here.  And we wouldn't have them any other way! Surround yourself with the best people possible, and things just seem to fall into place.  The kids are spending more time than ever in the barn this fall/winter which is great too. 
We are already planning next year!  Can you believe it? haha....
This field above has a lot more to offer so continue looking for fresh at the markets and get ready to enjoy Sosnicki Organic Storage (SOS) all winter long!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Farm kids have it good.

It's a warm fall on the farm.  And it's time to rip around in the fresh air, eat the best of what's in season! Home grown goodness! And our two children are frickin' awesome and making life all the more special and worth working hard for!
I don't social media the hell out of the kids, and keep my zillions of photos of them private, so when I post pics its usually because I really, really want to share. 
Sadie and Nate are growing up fast and Ben and I are holding on for dear life!  Nate is almost walking! They both eat so amazing! Like, I mean raw sauerkraut, onions, peppers and Sadie dips a lot of things in mustard. Garlic, fruit, no white sugar period...tomatoes like apples....making sure they get a good head start on a world of crap out there! Playing in the dirt, eating dirt off of freshly harvested carrots, bellies full of those probiotics.
Nathan is catching up to Sadie fast! She actually tries to coach him to walk now! "Come'on brother! I want you to play with me!!!"  We have an awesome Hallowe'en birthday planned, because yep, he was born on Hallowe'en!
This pic chokes me up. Sadie really takes after her grandmother Sophie who passed away. Sophie would have loved to spend time with her. We lost Sophie when Sade was a tiny baby. Sadie is kind, caring and sensitive, just like her grandmother.  Sadie will learn how awesome her grandmother was and be able to be proud of where she comes from.
The one thing that Ben and I have vowed is to do is show these two the BEST possible childhood EVER!  No drama, no bullshit, they will be KIDS and DREAM and PLAY and never have to worry about adult CRAP until they are adults themselves! We have a TON of FUN to look forward too! Look out world, the Sosnicki's have arrived! 

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Time To Order our Organic Sauce Tomatoes! Roma City!

Dare I say it?  It looks to be an organic tomato year!  Considering last year was a bust, hopefully we can have a great harvest this year.  You just never know, so now is the time to get your order in and make plans to make your sauce within the next few weeks.  Perhaps we'll have tomatoes until fall frost - who knows. But with organic tomatoes, you have to act fast I've learned. Information on how to order follows...
 They're are lots of beautiful tomatoes out there!! We have a late patch but you never know what weather may bring in the form of don't hesitate to order.

We sell 1/2 bushel cases this year (25lbs each) for $30. Email me your name, phone number, how many cases you need, and the market you wish to pick up at, and the date you would like them to: (Dufferin on Thursday; Brickworks on Saturday mornings). 

We will start shipping bulk, next week, August 20th (Dufferin) and August 22nd (Brickworks) and go from there. First come, first served. I will put you on my list and do my best to make sure you get your order.

There are certified organic Roma paste sauce type tomatoes we've grown for years now. Very high quality, meaty and wonderful flavour. Picked vine ripe typically the day before we bring them to market. So far the patch shows little to no disease (blight), so they are perfect for sauce this year. Please keep your emails brief, as I usually get bombarded and may not be able to answer everyone back. That's why I create the blog :) Bear with me if I don't get back to you.  I have two small children now which makes it even harder to get the job(s) done around here! 

I don't know how long into September the crop will last so plan to do your sauce sooner than later if you wish to use our tomatoes. Maybe we'll get lucky and we'll be able to offer until October. Who knows. But I know some avid sauce makers have been waiting :) Email away to get onto Jessie's 'master tomato list'!!