Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Farm kids have it good.

It's a warm fall on the farm.  And it's time to rip around in the fresh air, eat the best of what's in season! Home grown goodness! And our two children are frickin' awesome and making life all the more special and worth working hard for!
I don't social media the hell out of the kids, and keep my zillions of photos of them private, so when I post pics its usually because I really, really want to share. 
Sadie and Nate are growing up fast and Ben and I are holding on for dear life!  Nate is almost walking! They both eat so amazing! Like, I mean raw sauerkraut, onions, peppers and Sadie dips a lot of things in mustard. Garlic, fruit, no white sugar period...tomatoes like apples....making sure they get a good head start on a world of crap out there! Playing in the dirt, eating dirt off of freshly harvested carrots, bellies full of those probiotics.
Nathan is catching up to Sadie fast! She actually tries to coach him to walk now! "Come'on brother! I want you to play with me!!!"  We have an awesome Hallowe'en birthday planned, because yep, he was born on Hallowe'en!
This pic chokes me up. Sadie really takes after her grandmother Sophie who passed away. Sophie would have loved to spend time with her. We lost Sophie when Sade was a tiny baby. Sadie is kind, caring and sensitive, just like her grandmother.  Sadie will learn how awesome her grandmother was and be able to be proud of where she comes from.
The one thing that Ben and I have vowed is to do is show these two the BEST possible childhood EVER!  No drama, no bullshit, they will be KIDS and DREAM and PLAY and never have to worry about adult CRAP until they are adults themselves! We have a TON of FUN to look forward too! Look out world, the Sosnicki's have arrived! 

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Time To Order our Organic Sauce Tomatoes! Roma City!

Dare I say it?  It looks to be an organic tomato year!  Considering last year was a bust, hopefully we can have a great harvest this year.  You just never know, so now is the time to get your order in and make plans to make your sauce within the next few weeks.  Perhaps we'll have tomatoes until fall frost - who knows. But with organic tomatoes, you have to act fast I've learned. Information on how to order follows...
 They're are lots of beautiful tomatoes out there!! We have a late patch but you never know what weather may bring in the form of don't hesitate to order.

We sell 1/2 bushel cases this year (25lbs each) for $30. Email me your name, phone number, how many cases you need, and the market you wish to pick up at, and the date you would like them to: (Dufferin on Thursday; Brickworks on Saturday mornings). 

We will start shipping bulk, next week, August 20th (Dufferin) and August 22nd (Brickworks) and go from there. First come, first served. I will put you on my list and do my best to make sure you get your order.

There are certified organic Roma paste sauce type tomatoes we've grown for years now. Very high quality, meaty and wonderful flavour. Picked vine ripe typically the day before we bring them to market. So far the patch shows little to no disease (blight), so they are perfect for sauce this year. Please keep your emails brief, as I usually get bombarded and may not be able to answer everyone back. That's why I create the blog :) Bear with me if I don't get back to you.  I have two small children now which makes it even harder to get the job(s) done around here! 

I don't know how long into September the crop will last so plan to do your sauce sooner than later if you wish to use our tomatoes. Maybe we'll get lucky and we'll be able to offer until October. Who knows. But I know some avid sauce makers have been waiting :) Email away to get onto Jessie's 'master tomato list'!! 

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

In The Field at July's End

Well, the cucs got downy mildew so we thought it was game over. Then the temperatures took off and we got a spectacular stretch of hot and dry weather! So the plants continue to produce! I was told that temps 30 degrees and above kill, we have cucs for a short time yet!

The roma tomato patch looks fanrastic! Knock on wood. Maybe we'll have a bevy of sauce tomatoes this year?!? Would be nice to make up for the craptastic romas last year.

Weeds!!! We are weeding. Then hoeing. Then weeding some more. Basically it's half/half harvest vs weeding. In the picture my guys are tackling baby fall carrots.

Sweet Corn! Whooo she's tasseling nicely. Should start harvest within two weeks! Can't wait! If the weather stays nice and warm it should be so flavourful and sweet!

Enjoy the rest of your summer, its speeding by once again!!

Friday, July 24, 2015

No pickles after all..

Sorry folks, our organic cucs have downy mildew so we are unable to sell bulk. We have a late patch, but I'm not going to both taking orders as its too dicy. We'll try again next year! We do have some if you are truly desperate but the price will be retail. Sorry ...!

Friday, July 17, 2015

Time To Get Pickled!

Ok, our cuc crop looks decent so far! This can change fast as we have no way to combat mildew issues, so if you want organic cucumbers for pickling - don't hesitate! First come, first served and I currently have a list started from my first blog posting.
We are charging $30 for a half bushel case which is approximately 25lbs. A full bushel order is 2 cases for $60 firm. We are doing a mix of the small sizes, so they will fit nicely in your jars. We do not harvest the tiny size of no.1.
You can put in an order by simply emailing me at We will deliver cases to Dufferin Grove farmers market on Thursdays and Evergreen Brickworks on Saturdays. Hopefully for the next 4 weeks, maybe longer. (Google the markets, they are easy to find - I can't respond to all the emails we get with directions etc) 
Let me know how many cases you'd like and which market/date you'd like to pick them up. Sending me a phone number I can text to confirm is easiest.
Ok! Don't delay, we may have a bumper crop and lots for everyone or it will be fast and over before we know it! There is a late patch, so we may get lucky and have cucumbers for a while, but organic cuc crops are dicey, so we hope to hear from you soon!

Monday, June 29, 2015

The Almost July field report!

Well, it's still raining and staying soggy out there.  As much as we'd like to have all our fall crops planted - they are not.  Dries up enough to just get out there and then it dumps down again!  Then with the cool night temperatures our patty pan zucchini just stopped growing! So, now we have to wait for this patch to start kicking out again! And just when everyone starts to enjoy them too! Before much longer we'll have tons and everyone will be sick of them!
But PEAS!  They are in full swing and our patch will be last for 2-3 weeks. We've got sweet, sweet 'worth the work' shelling garden type and the edible pod sugar snaps. Both are worth picking up and savoring this time of year!
Just starting this first week in July are our heirloom tomatoes and fresh dug potatoes
A new so so good!
The smell of the soil is so awesome digging up the first tasty spuds of the year! 
Me and my boy. He's the sweetest, happiest little farm bugger!  On the move now, keeping us all busy!  Eating solids now, enjoying the best of the seasons along with us. Just shy of 8 months old already.  And he gets along with his sister not too bad! I couldn't ask for anything more. 
See everyone at market soon!