Attention Everyone!!!! Please read!!!!

This is my LAST post to this blog! So I need all of you to "subscribe for delicious updates" on our new website:! The new site/blog/shop is easier to navigate and everything is now updated and in one spot! I don't want any of you to miss out on our new newsletters I'll be sending about new crops and the opportunity to buy and have it delivered to your home in Toronto! Sorry for the hassle, but please sign up there! We cannot wait to share the new seasons harvests with as many as we can!!!! (We will keep this blog here as a time capsule, for memories sake and a nice blast from the past!) ~Jessie

Orders for April 4th!

We have decided to deliver Saturday AND Sunday, so if you need to get on our delivery list, read below!  (If you've already emailed an order in for April 4th, don't worry, I've got it, please don't resend! I will confirm on Friday :)  Home Delivery in Mississauga, Etobicoke, West/East - Downtown Toronto. Just south of the 401 please :) Week 2 of home delivery!  During these strange and scary times, we are really looking at a worse case scenario which could possibly be that farmers markets don't open for the duration of the season. Beginning in MAY we will have fresh bunches of Carrots, Radish, Spinach, Lettuces, fresh bunches of local Kale too! JUNE we have an entire 2 acre patch of organic Strawberries! Currently for now we have our storage staples and prepared foods. I encourage everyone to STAY CONNECTED. As the new season progresses we hopefully will find a way to get our veggies to you! ….And so we begin home delivery!  Please email me at

Van's Full!!!

Wow.  I'm really overwhelmed in a great way.  I was flooded with emails and orders and now our van is full for deliveries this weekend! If you've placed an order and I am able to fulfill and deliver it you will receive an email from me TOMORROW, Thursday, March 26th. Please DO NOT send funds until I confirm your order.  We will be delivering both Saturday and Sunday! THANK YOU for your orders and interest.  If you don't hear back from me at all, unfortunately we are at capacity.  As soon as we grade up this weekends veggies, I will post if we have enough available to do another van delivery for next weekend. Stay tuned! Please do not get discouraged if we were unable to get an order out to you.  We will have lots more variety and volume coming in a few short weeks!  (Look below at the picture of baby spinach!!) Our availability of storage veggies is quickly finishing up - which is what always happens this time of year! Once May is underway we will have fresh bunched car

We are delivering to your door in the GTA!

No delivery fee!  No minimums!  Market prices remain the same!  Certified Organic!  Grown with love! Beginning this Saturday, March 28th, we are sending the van to the GTA to drop veggies at your door! Payments can be made by e-transfer or cash in an envelope when we deliver to your door!  "Subscribe" to this blog for updates. Email your interest to subject line: "Feed Me Local Organic!" and I will send availability/prices!  So while the farmers markets are closed for a while, we keep going while maintaining ultimate social distancing to stop the spread of Covid-19!!!  *Cut off for orders is Wednesday, March 25th at midnight*. We will do weekly deliveries each Saturday going forward :) 

Good news from the farm!

We carry on in the greenhouses and are getting lots of crops seeded! Sadie is almost 7, and thou her birthday party this weekend has to be 'postponed' she will still have a party with her family! She's a great help in the greenhouse this year. I feel very fortunate we have the farm so the kids are able to get out and about and keep themselves totally preoccupied with farm play while in 'isolation'. The farmer's markets remain closed and we keep a close eye on how this Covid situation plays out. We are happy to social distance and sell direct from the farm in a very responsible fashion.  We are offering veggie pickups and some deliveries as well.  Email me at if you need a decent amount of potatoes, carrots, onions, beets, cabbage, and we still have a few perogies and cabbabe rolls! We are crafting more raw sauerkraut as well. I'm happy to report our workers will be arriving to work on the farm this year, as they are considered esse

*Covid-19* and our farm.

Like everyone else right now we are experiencing a range of emotions. Worry and fear of the unknown is weighing heavily. Our migrant workers were set to come April 3rd and thats not happening. The Farmers Markets are closed without an idea of when public gatherings will be less risky and they will once again be allowed. Trying to produce good organic local food which should be a #1 essential service just got a lot more difficult.  ***THE POSITIVE!*** BUT what do we do when the going gets tough? We tough Sosnicki's get going! At this point we usually have very little in the way of storage crops and we usually stop going to markets anyhow to concentrate on growing our new seasons veggie plants. We are definitely full speed a head in the greenhouses! The farm is a slow grinding wheel that doesn't just stop! We carry on :) Folks have been buying direct from the farm, a new health store (Easy Health Food - Bloor/Lansdowne) even came down to load her car full of veggies! While we pra

Contemplating the new 2020 season!

I cleaned off my greenhouse desk today and went through old seeds. Set up Ben's chair, where he likes to sit beside me as we plan out what to plant and when.  Or have a cold drink while we bask in the sun (coming soon - a bit cold in there right now!). It's an exciting time of year where we reflect on the previous season and shake things up and always try new things! I will have a lot of time to concentrate on the fields and our own farm this spring - as I am not growing wholesale plants for Evergreen Garden Market this year.  Not that I didn't love doing it - it's just not profitable enough when I have to hire extra hands while I'm raising small babes.  Whole other story when you can do most everything yourself.  So until my kids are older, we won't have our plants there.  As soon as we are able - we WILL bring plants to the farmers markets!! Retail sales are always best for small farms like ours anyways. Another year or two yet for this glass beast until w