Contemplating the new 2020 season!

I cleaned off my greenhouse desk today and went through old seeds. Set up Ben's chair, where he likes to sit beside me as we plan out what to plant and when.  Or have a cold drink while we bask in the sun (coming soon - a bit cold in there right now!). It's an exciting time of year where we reflect on the previous season and shake things up and always try new things! I will have a lot of time to concentrate on the fields and our own farm this spring - as I am not growing wholesale plants for Evergreen Garden Market this year.  Not that I didn't love doing it - it's just not profitable enough when I have to hire extra hands while I'm raising small babes.  Whole other story when you can do most everything yourself.  So until my kids are older, we won't have our plants there.  As soon as we are able - we WILL bring plants to the farmers markets!! Retail sales are always best for small farms like ours anyways.

Another year or two yet for this glass beast until we …

2020 - Wow!

...ah yes.  I've had 4 kids and we are farming more land!!  So I didn't blog once during 2019.  But I'm always on Instagram!  So easy to snap a pic, write and post quick. So you can follow our adventures there. We have a lot going on!  We are farming just under 100 acres now, all certified organic. We continue to do the value add foods, which I am just wrapping up now. (The perogies, cabbage rolls and sauerkraut - available for the next two months or so at our two farmers markets and thru Mama Earth Organics) Our first seedlings are up! We have created a new growing area in our barn that is so nice and heat efficient compared to the old glass beasts! (Yes, we still use them - but their days are numbered). We are at two Saturday markets (Brickworks and Wychwood) but you can also find our storage cabbages at The Big Carrot and Mama Earth Organics. And Mike & Mike's Organics have been sending their truck down weekly to nab the cabbages too - which are selling out fas…

Conventional Manure on our Organic Farm.

With the addition of conventional manure on our land growing our upcoming fall veggies, we felt we needed to address it straight on, rip open that can of worms.  We’ve been so fortunate for being able to use certified organic manure for over 14 years on our land since going organic!  Our organic dairy neighbor simply needs his manure for his own land.  We will always continue to provide utmost transparency with regards to all inputs used on our land and in your food.  We know our customers, and we know that being honest is vital to our relationships with everyone whom chooses to buy and consume the veggies we produce.  We will always update our website including every single input we use on our farm.  We continue to be certified organic by Pro-Cert Organic Systems Ltd.  We continue to use 0 herbicides on our land, 0 fungicides, 0 synthetic fertilizers on our land and only 2 approved pesicides ‘Entrust’ and ‘Bioprotec’ on select crops when needed.
Using conventional manure on organic …

Time to order Sauce Tomatoes AND bulk SUN SUGAR CHERRY tomatoes!!!

It's officially a tomato year!  Tomato patch of romas, beefsteak and cherry field tomatoes are booming!  Very plentiful.  This will help to make up for the craptastic year we had last year with nothing but blight riddled tomatoes.  So, get your fill!  An exciting addition to the bulk offerings this year *for the first time* is our sun sugar cherry tomatoes!  For $5 we are selling 1.5lbs. So for $20 you can score 6lbs of these gorgeous gems to ROAST and freeze!  (or make sauce!).
**Roma cases $30 for 25lbs.  (this is a half bushel case. A full bushel amount is 50lbs).** **Add to that as many 1.5lb clams (pictured here) of the sun sugar cherry tomatoes for $5 each!**
To order:
1. Send me an email to:  Let me know how many cases of roma and sun sugar you so desire.  
2. Within that email include the farmer's market you wish to pick up at STARTING NEXT WEEK, AUGUST 22nd. (Wednesday - Waterford Farmers Market 4-7pm, Waterford Ontario; Thursday - Dufferin Grove M…


Yep, long overdue, but I finally assembled my crew of fine ladies (and Ben!) and we are crafting our organic winter foods again!  These are handmade foods of the finest ingredients.

PEROGIES! CABBAGE ROLLS!  Four kinds of perogies to choose from including a really, really good vegan one (that is actually cheaper to buy because it has no organic dairy or eggs!) The perogies are huge - twice the size of normal ones!
Cabbage rolls are all vegan, (no meat ones sorry) and loaded with kale, onions, brown rice and garlic smothered in tomato sauce.  They. Are. Awesome. If Ben doesn't miss the beef - you won't either! 

Processing multi-ingredient foods and getting them certified organic has intensified over the years, no doubt to the growing demand of organic foodstuffs.  It makes it a bit hard for someone who is a small-time processor like me, but I feel it to be necessary step.  Ingredient integrity is very important to us. All perogies and the cabbage rolls are CERTIFIED ORGANIC and we…

Sorry folks, No bulk Romas this year!

I hope you've been keeping up with our farm's progress on Instagram, facebook and twitter! I've seriously not kept up with my poor blog. Life is just too busy for everything. I'm getting all the lovely emails about our romas, so unfortunately here's the news:
We won't have our bulk organic romas for sauce this year.
Sorry folks, there is late blight out in the patch and though the romas don't look too bad its too risky to start taking orders and packing boxes.  We know there are a lot of you out there that understand how to cut some rot off your tomatoes and the odd spot but unfortunately there are some really picky folks who need close to perfection and I just can't bother with the complaints.  So, unfortunately there are a few out there that ruin it for the majority.  What we will do is pack into our baskets and sell at market. For those that need sauce you will probably be able to score 5 baskets which is 25lbs, which is half a bushel. Which happens t…

New Year, New Land!

We are pretty stoked for 2017!  We have a new opportunity to transition another 30 acres into organic. And this opportunity is right next door.  The Jopko family has graciously rented us a most unique property comprised of 5 small fields with very good buffer zones. By the summer of 2019 we will be able to pull organic veggies from this newly replenished soil. It takes a total of 36 months after the last application of prohibited substances to have the crops certified organic. The past farmer (whom I will get to fill out a prior land use affidavit with all information including past substance use.) grew conventional cabbage then corn and soybeans for quite a few years, so we have some work to do. During the next few growing seasons we will be cultivating green manures on this land, minimal grain crops that will be sold conventional/transitional, and soil testing will be done. We'll do the best we can to leach the unwanted out and add in the good stuff. Build ‘er back up and put th…