Wednesday, August 27, 2014

No case/bulk Roma sales this year :(

Due to this cold, rainy summer our organic tomatoes took a beating. The crop will be composted due to mass anthracnose and blight diseases. So, unfortunately just not a tomato year! 

It's a loss, however it will not ruin us. We no longer have that need to 'control' Mother Nature and spray the hell out of everything, so we move on and concentrate on our crops that enjoy this rainy cooler weather. Carrots, beets, Kale, greens, fall broccoli, onions, celery, celeriac, fall cauliflower looking INCREDIBLE! As organic farmers we are not banking on one or even a few main crops - we move on! Psst: our Heirloom Tomatoes in the old greenhouses look great still thou ;)

Monday, August 18, 2014

Our 2014 Corn Story

Our sweet corn starts this week! Thanks to everyone for your patience and understanding regarding this late year with the corn! Your faces of anticipation at market when inquiring make growing the sweet corn so so worthwhile!  Late spring, cool weather = late corn. It's very rare we have July corn. The most asked question to us annually is "Why is there so much sweet corn available in July but yours isn't ready yet?" That's because most conventional sweet corn seed is chemically treated and is planted in cold spring soil. With our organic sweet corn we seed the corn when the soil is naturally warm later in the spring season as the seed is untreated and would otherwise rot. 

We've weeded and cultivated this crop and all plantings look fab! With all the rain we have not had to irrigate at all either. More time to weed :). This sweet corn seed is untreated and a non-GMO variety. The variety name is 'Vision'. All our seed invoices were collected and reviewed this year by Pro-Cert Organic Systems Ltd. Therefore you can have peace of mind that a third party has verified this information. We have sprayed this sweet corn with absolutely nothing!!!!!
Insect pressure is low this year. No doubt thanks to the long, cold winter. But we're sure the odd worm will be nibbling. A cob is not ruined if you find a corn boer worm nipping the top. Simply snip the tip of the cob off and you're good to enjoy the bounty of the rest of the sweet, succulent cob! It's a good thing when the creatures of the earth sample your food first!! ;)  And people, you don't need to open each cob to check for readiness! We do that when we harvest!!! Ask me (us) as market and I'll show you what makes a good cob! Quickly, a nice plump cob with deep brown silk is a good sign! 
Not only do we grow organic sweet corn, but this year we grew grain corn as well. We purchased this seed from DeDell Seeds. This company prides themselves in no-GMO varieties! We have not had grain corn on this farm for 20 years plus - but decided it would be good for our rotation this year. So here's a nice shot from our Instagram of Sade's licking the grain corn....and below Ben and Sade's standing by the tall, vibrant grain corn :)
And we also have some nice looking iroquois white corn we are growing for Chocosol this season pictured below. They will use this corn to construct their yummy yummy tortillas :))
It's organic corn city at our farm this year! Please enjoy folks!!