Sunday, March 6, 2016

Greenhouse Progress!

Now that it's March, we are high speed out in all houses! We were able to start two weeks early this year due to mild temperatures. As small growers we are able to afford firing early as we do custom grow which offsets the cost of running heat in the middle glass beast. Sadly, I had to streamline growing (because of our kidlets) so I was unable to do ALL the custom grow we usually do! To those farmers I couldn't accommodate this season - thanks for understanding! Kids grow fast, so my time with them is most important right now.
The kids are just starting to enjoy some time out in the greenhouses too! DIRT! The best toy!!
We are seeding down greenhouses #1 and #3 with early root and greens available at market by the end of APRIL! These houses will be brimming with green very soon! Stay tuned for awesome progress pics!
Our heirloom tomatoes have been transplanted and are growing away nicely. It is VERY dicey to play around with tomatoes this early. Due to cloudy/snowy days, cool temps even with furnaces at full bore, they can stress easy. Being very careful with water applications to avoid damp-off is crucial. Some days they just seem to look cold and sad. But, now the sun is out, they are rooting down, taking a hold and growing great!

Our onions, lettuce, kales, other greens, swiss chard, early herbs are germinating and growing away as we speak. The front half of greenhouse #2 is filling up super fast! Check out our Instagram, as I will post oodles of green progress pics! See everyone soon at market!