Thursday, August 13, 2015

Time To Order our Organic Sauce Tomatoes! Roma City!

Dare I say it?  It looks to be an organic tomato year!  Considering last year was a bust, hopefully we can have a great harvest this year.  You just never know, so now is the time to get your order in and make plans to make your sauce within the next few weeks.  Perhaps we'll have tomatoes until fall frost - who knows. But with organic tomatoes, you have to act fast I've learned. Information on how to order follows...
 They're are lots of beautiful tomatoes out there!! We have a late patch but you never know what weather may bring in the form of don't hesitate to order.

We sell 1/2 bushel cases this year (25lbs each) for $30. Email me your name, phone number, how many cases you need, and the market you wish to pick up at, and the date you would like them to: (Dufferin on Thursday; Brickworks on Saturday mornings). 

We will start shipping bulk, next week, August 20th (Dufferin) and August 22nd (Brickworks) and go from there. First come, first served. I will put you on my list and do my best to make sure you get your order.

There are certified organic Roma paste sauce type tomatoes we've grown for years now. Very high quality, meaty and wonderful flavour. Picked vine ripe typically the day before we bring them to market. So far the patch shows little to no disease (blight), so they are perfect for sauce this year. Please keep your emails brief, as I usually get bombarded and may not be able to answer everyone back. That's why I create the blog :) Bear with me if I don't get back to you.  I have two small children now which makes it even harder to get the job(s) done around here! 

I don't know how long into September the crop will last so plan to do your sauce sooner than later if you wish to use our tomatoes. Maybe we'll get lucky and we'll be able to offer until October. Who knows. But I know some avid sauce makers have been waiting :) Email away to get onto Jessie's 'master tomato list'!!