Good news from the farm!

We carry on in the greenhouses and are getting lots of crops seeded! Sadie is almost 7, and thou her birthday party this weekend has to be 'postponed' she will still have a party with her family! She's a great help in the greenhouse this year. I feel very fortunate we have the farm so the kids are able to get out and about and keep themselves totally preoccupied with farm play while in 'isolation'. The farmer's markets remain closed and we keep a close eye on how this Covid situation plays out. We are happy to social distance and sell direct from the farm in a very responsible fashion.  We are offering veggie pickups and some deliveries as well.  Email me at if you need a decent amount of potatoes, carrots, onions, beets, cabbage, and we still have a few perogies and cabbabe rolls! We are crafting more raw sauerkraut as well.
I'm happy to report our workers will be arriving to work on the farm this year, as they are considered essential for good reason. We will be able to produce an amazing amount of good food for all!
Stay tuned as our new season begins in MAY with lettuces, spinach, new carrot bunches, radish, green garlic and fresh kale too!

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