Van's Full!!!

Wow.  I'm really overwhelmed in a great way.  I was flooded with emails and orders and now our van is full for deliveries this weekend! If you've placed an order and I am able to fulfill and deliver it you will receive an email from me TOMORROW, Thursday, March 26th. Please DO NOT send funds until I confirm your order.  We will be delivering both Saturday and Sunday! THANK YOU for your orders and interest.  If you don't hear back from me at all, unfortunately we are at capacity. As soon as we grade up this weekends veggies, I will post if we have enough available to do another van delivery for next weekend. Stay tuned!

Please do not get discouraged if we were unable to get an order out to you.  We will have lots more variety and volume coming in a few short weeks!  (Look below at the picture of baby spinach!!) Our availability of storage veggies is quickly finishing up - which is what always happens this time of year! Once May is underway we will have fresh bunched carrots, lettuces, radish, spinach, green garlic, bunched kale too! We've maxed out the greenhouses to bring on an early harvest of yummy spring crops! Stay connected, subscribe to this blog to keep updated on what we have as the new season begins in May.  

We are hoping Covid-19 peaks soon and life starts to resemble something more normal. And the markets can begin again. If not, we will either keep our van moving! In the meantime as well, please try Mama Earth Organics, as we partner with them a ton during the growing season to get as much local, organic veggies to as many folks as possible!

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