September is Pepper month!

Pepper, like tomatoes are doing well for us this season.  They thrive in this heat and we were fortunate to set up and run drip irrigation with all the pepper patches.  The plants are heavy with peppers and our goal was sweet red, reds and more reds!

We have red shepherds, red bells and red pimentos.  All are so sweet when high red and yummy straight up, roasted, grilled, pan fried.... ah I love this time of year.
Sweet Corn was almost a bust this year!  F-ing deer and raccoons made a hell-o of a mess back there. Very depressing....BUT the second patch was left alone.  huh.  Ben thinks they just moved on. So more yummy, sweet NO GMO, sprayed with absolutely nothing organic sweet corn at all markets for a while!
And a quick selfie with baby Jonah and I checking out the wagon of beefsteaks which have also been amazing this season! We are still taking orders for Romas by the way! So keep making that sauce as the weather cools down!
And for any of you that follow the farm family know of our plight with my stepdaughter over the years, I am SO happy to report a happy reunion! ....AND her marriage to a terrific guy! It was an awesome day.  You couldn't wipe the smiles from their faces.  Everyone in attendance was gracious, respectful and most of all happy, happy, happy for these two incredible kids Ashley and Joe. Now married adults.  Geesh, she was just our little girl yesterday.  Yes, both these two visit the farm regularly now and play with the new batch of farm kids here.  One big happy family indeed.
And I'll leave this blog post on a cheeky note:  Sadie asking Nate in her own way if it's a good idea or not to do the cooler naked?! Who turned off the heat??  LOLOL.  These kids just run the farm naked during this summer of record heat.
See everyone at market soon,
Jess, Ben & Crew.

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