Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Better than candy..."Heart Shaped PEROGIES"!!!

Happy Valentine's Day! (I'm gone Thurs., may as well yap now..) There is just something special about my grandma. Our collaboration has proved to be effective and fun this week! We have created 'heart shaped' perogies for Valentine's Day, which just happens to be 'Dufferin Market Day'!! (I just had to take advantage of that fact, to show some 'love' to all my customers that I value sooo much!! Same price too, so just a special treat for all!! ) My grandmother taught for over 30 years at our local catholic school here in our small town. Considering we could NOT find large heart shaped cookie cutters ANYWHERE, the retired teacher stayed awake Monday night and came up with a plan AND she came loaded with bristol board templates and a yard stick to attempt to do the job on the dough! It was classic and anyone that had my grandmother for a teacher would totally recognize her perfect handwriting, straight lines on all these cutt out designs, just classic, alot of thinking went into this on her part!! Also that damn bristol board!! LOLOLOLOL!! We were both thinking along the same lines, using the idea of 'a diamond shape'. It totally worked, but I ended up throwing out the templates, much to Mrs. Rebuk's dismay and just eyeballing it. It's dough diamonds, they don't have to be perfect! We played around and Ben's mom figured out a great way to tuck, bend and voila!, a perfect, ruffly large heart - perfect comfort food for Valentine's Day! This was totally a labour of love and we all had a wonderful time! Ya know, it's funny the cookie cutters I do have: a star, tree, even a 'foot', but no heart! It was for a reason, as a heart cookie cutter would have WASTED too much dough! My stepdaughter and I had a riot this past weekend making perogies with the cookie cutters I do have at home. The 'gingerbreadman' shape is called a 'boy' template and you can truly have fun adding and removing anatomy before the boiling process! LOLOLOLOLOLOL! My stepdaughter and I also tended to our sick duck Petey currently living in our home, but that is another story. We are going to work extra hard next week at the Uky hall, as I really want to stock pile a decent amount of perogies, as GREENHOUSE work is coming fast!! If you're going to splurge for love day, may as well enjoy some soft butter-fried out perogies filled with delicate mashed potatoes loaded with organic cheddar....then chocolate!! Happy Valentine's Day!