Sunday, March 30, 2008

Lights Out for Earth Hour...

Turning lights out for just one hour a year seems trivial to me. It should be 'monthly' or even a 'weekly' event nevermind. This certainly would promote FAMILY TIME, as no interuptions from TV's, computers etc.. but parents would have to strong hold the Ipods to create the full effect. Our farm always has 'power issues'. It's funny, as it seemed to always happen during a weekend my stepdaughter was on farm. She whines like she is dying or calls herself a 'mennonite' when it happens!! LOLOLOL! Nice try. That's when you can create some fun memories. Lots of candles, trying to cooks eggs & bacon via a 'fondue pot' (LOLOLOL!!) Reading stories from the book: "Chicken Soup for the Horse Lover's Soul". Reading those stories outloud in our family home rich with history and our own horse outside brings on some massive tears - THEN laughter, as our horse is not dead yet or even close!!!! Pure bliss silence, until you hear the dogs, then stories about the Coyotes start, and then worry about the chickens and ducks begin, as without the sound of the TV drowning out your world, you start to take note. You get creative and just talk more. You loose that 'drone' tendancy and start to awaken. I don't want to hear the statistics. It won't be good enough for me. In the meantime, here is the best link regarding 'Earth Hour': from there you can access the World Wild Life site, where this whole concept began. The coolest quote so far I have read came from the David Suzuki's blog:

"Imagine what it will look like from space: a rolling darkness symbolizing how many of us have seen the light".... More folks better get on board. There is just no excuse. I even made the realization that our 'dusk to dawn' barn light does NOT need to be on every god damn night! How stupid! When I tripped the breaker I decided to LEAVE IT OFF, let the farm go dark. I'll fire it back up when we need it, during summer when we have to feed animals and leave for Saturday market at 3am!!!! Do your part too.