Thursday, April 17, 2008

Organic Compost for sale!

For the first and perhaps last time, we are offering some amazing compost for sale at our markets this spring! Because we practice a good rotation with our land, we do not need to ammend our soil this year, so we can share some. We may be spreading all of it next year, so get some while we can offer it! We grow all our own organic hay and oats which our horse eats, along with our carrots, cabbage and other veggy scraps during the year! It is 2+ years old, nicely rendered down into some black gold! We are mixing it with our neighbours organic cow manure (also 2+ years composted) which we get in return for letting them use our straw for bedding! An excellent trade! We run it through a shredder and it is drying up nicely for bagging. We simply reuse our soil bags and are charging $5 each. Each bag should cover 12 sq feet 2" thick and is suitable for vegetable and/or perennial/flowerbeds. Visit us at our spring markets to pick up a bag or order some by emailing