Sunday, July 6, 2008

Available at markets this week - July 7th - July 12th......

NEW POTATOES are here! Well, for those that shop Dufferin and Brickworks, they got a first taste last week if they were early shoppers! White potatoes, variety name 'Superior'. (and they are!) Next week we'll start with some Red Norlands and later lots of Yukon Golds! There is something about the new potatoes. That melt in your mouth flavour. Don't bother with any fancy recipe for these newbie spuds. Simply boil until soft (doesn't take long with the fresh small ones!) and simply toss with butter, dill and a dash of salt and pepper and savour each bite!

Also this week, white Spanish Onions with tops. These gems are still small, but we planted lots, so we've decided to start harvest early! Tops can be used no problem as 'green onions', still tender enough I find. Use the sweetish bulb for salads, sandwiches or in any recipe calling for a raw onion! Not alot of flavour when cooked, cooking onions will be available from us later in the seaon....Broccoli is here in full force! Boil or steam till soft, then in a separate small pot, melt 1 tbs. of butter, mix in 1 tbs of flour, then add 1.5 cups milk and stir while heating med. heat till thick, then add salt, pepper and CHEESE of your choice, cheddar is great, but Angelo's ricotta and hard shredded into this is awesome! Pour ontop your fresh broccoli! Yum! Basil Plants are ready and brought fresh to each market now. Make pesto or add the amazing scent and flavour to all your special meals now! The plant I sell can be re-planted OR put entire plant in a glass of water and pluck the leaves off the plant for an entire week or more! Spring Garlic Bulbs are also at market! Nice and tangy, this is the first taste of our certified garlic for all! We hope to create a staple crop with Garlic around here for years to come! Hmmm, what else? Oh yes, Zucchini is coming mid week! Dufferin on the 10th will probably get the first fresh haul. Still available at all markets: Lettuces - red leaf, batavian, and butterhead (boston), Field Beets, PEAS, lots and lots of peas! (*Sweet shelling type, sugar snap edible pod and snow pea flat edible pods...) bunches of fresh Parsley, Red Swiss Chard & baby Kale! See all at market! Enjoy the pics of Ben digging potatoes, plus two pics from Brickworks, sat. july 5th of our spanish onions & quarts of our new potatoes plus one of our broccoli and beets!