Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Spring Greenhouse Lettuce....

A few more weeks and heads of lettuce, asian greens, radish & bunching onions will appear at market! It is working well direct transplanting into the third greenhouse. The only thing is that we HAVE to summer fallow it! There are tons and tons of little weed seedlings that grow way faster than direct 'seeded' stuff like the spinach & salad greens. So much so that Ben went and rototilled a bunch of stuff up!! You can't win 'em all! The lettuce transplants have taken a hold and are thriving. The greens are very, very happy under the glass this time of year!
BOX GARDENS: Ben and I are also offering our own seedlings this year. We will have different tomato plants, such as those sweet, sweet, sweet yellow Sun Sugars, along with lettuce, broccoli, onions, asian greens, herbs, peppers, eggplant etc. for sale for your gardens or pots. If you liked something you have purchased from our market tables over the seasons, please ask! I am transplanting out 'custom' gardens. More info and a complete blog to follow next week. No rush, it is still cold! Come May, Ben and I will likely bring plug transplants and soil and different sized pots so everyone can grow a custom garden! Or just simply buy a few plugs to transplant out in your own garden! There is still time to order compost too, head down two posts, read the blog and email!