Sunday, July 19, 2009

GREENHOUSE HEIRLOOMS (project greenhouse #3)

Well, if all goes well and the heirloom tomatoes continue to look and taste like they do so far, I may just only use our greenhouses to grow these magnificent gems! I swear to god growing tomatoes this way is embedded in my genes! I picture Ben's dad and my grandpa together with me while I'm working. I really think my grandpa Mike would be proud of this project. I love seeing them grow and climb and produce gorgeous tomatoes!! I have a new obsession now- pruning by removing the suckers off my plants. Like a grooming session or a 'tomato haircut' I now CANNOT just water or harvest, I have to stop and fiddle with suckering and winding the leader stem up the twine... It has now become a Sunday morning ritual and I LOVE IT! Gently hoeing then raking up suckers, then watering when I finish grooming. Great results are now following! Some pictures of Ben watering after all maintenance completed, my black/green tomato hands showing the removal of a sucker, and the ripening of many, many different kinds. I grew 100 different varieties this year that are all 'flagged' out in the field. My greenhouse planting will only yield under 200 plants and I grabbed them randomly to plant and failed to label any variety. Good practice learning what is what for sure!