Friday, July 9, 2010

Mobile Blog Test!

Time to blog on route! I have no time to sit at a computer but always have farm stories and updates to share! Mobile blogging and mobile facebooking will be our way to communicate from now on for the majority of posts. It is busy time and today was just beautiful to harvest in the cool showers after all the heat we've had! Beets, the first bunches of Sweet Spanish Onions, huge bunches of Kale, sweet Peas in a Pod, Heirloom Tomatoes & fresh Basil plants are some of the crops heading to Toronto this weekend! Next week: Cucumbers, Green Beans & fresh dug Potatoes!
We've started a new Thursday market: The Bay & Adelaide Farmers' Market right downtown among the skyscrapers. This market is operated by Evergreen and managed by the sweetest lady Marina, the Argentinian 'empanada' maker most know and love from various markets. 11:00am - 2:00pm every Thursday. I have hopes of pulling all those business folk down and out of the office towers for the lunch hour where they can grab a fabulous meal and buy the freshest farm goods and organic produce! The first market showed a lot of potential with great interest! After this market we venture over to Dufferin Grove Park and continue to sell our produce there from 2:30pm until 7:00pm...every Thursday.
I must also mention that I am doing my best with responding to customers' emails! I know folks need to order cucumbers and need to know when Roma tomatoes start, but please check this blog first - I will update more often! My email account gets jammed full each day, a lot of junk and a lot of deleting - but I will make more of a response effort for the important ones! ;)

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