Friday, October 22, 2010

A Dream Home.....

So I get a telephone call from a friendly lady from my small town, who just happens to be in her 90th year. She's in need of some organic peppers & onions.  She's been to our farm, bought produce before.  A very spry, happy lady whom I really enjoy speaking with.  She's definitely an organic advocate! I decided to deliver - and for a small fee:  a tour of her home! 

From the moment I walked in the door I had goosebumps!  She was canning peppers, so immediately it smelled and felt homey. So rich with history, the house is alive! Built in the 1800's by a doctor, it is simply a masterpiece.  They do not build homes like this anymore. The ceiling height of each room, the size and scale of the windows, the woodwork, oh my, the woodwork! From the sils, baseboards to window panes it is absolutely gorgeous!  The kitchen was a bit too small but her stove is from the 60's and looks awesome!  The pantry in this house is a entire room with original cabinets that boasts tin lined drawers for your sugar & flour.  You know, when women used to cook.  Parlors, a Library, 2 staircases, gorgeous fireplace, and her collectibles - good lord, the house is a museum! She has the first doll she ever was given as a child.  It freakishly has 'real hair'.  She's got her 90 year old baby buggy in the old nursery upstairs!  Tons of pieces of furniture decades old!  To me, it is the quintessential country home.  This is my dream house.  Using old field stone, hiring a stone mason (do they even exist anymore?) finding an old abandoned house to refurbish old wood work to use in the new build etc,etc would be my way to build a 'new' home! I'll be insisting on solar & wind power though and a brick/stone massive indoor/outdoor wood fire stove!  Ahh, just dreams for now.  It's funny, as when I tour my friends new homes, I've never been jealous. To me they are all just cookie cutter and cheaply built compared to these old stone relics.  I felt sad when I left this home and truly wished I could pluck it up and move it to our farm!!!  And whoops, I left my stainless steel 'Evergreen' coffee container there....guess I'll have to plan another trip to claim it!