Monday, January 10, 2011

Chew on this!

And so it begins again.  New Year's eve was spent on farm this year with some good friends and their insano Jack Russel's.  A BBQ supper and later a trek over to a late night garage party at another farm with an awesome motley crew of hilarious folks!  I never give up an opportunity to get the two funniest guys I know together - Paul and Erwin.  It's nice to be back to the grind though.  We've overhauled the farm office, packed away old receipts, but not to far, never know when you'll get pegged for another audit! The binder is ready for a new growing season with the new 'Crop Production Records'.  Made a phone call up to Pro-Cert to remedy some minor compliance issues this afternoon.  If I can get Ben to record the temperature of the compost pile this year it will be a miracle!! Smashy, we cleaned out your room finally and have half a dozen huge plastic bins full of horse stuff and old clothes we are storing in the barn for memories one day! ;)  Dad and I are in the office together tonight and I'm playing old media and we were howling watching that video of your dad with earphones listening to 'El Paso' on the QEW coming home from market singing!!!  LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!  Markets are sleepy.  Folks must be eating leftovers, on a diet or trying to figure out how to pay for all the insane Christmas gifts.  I got a pretty sweet gift this year - Pepper Seeds!  My aunt and uncle have retired from farming, so they gave me all my grandpa Mike's Sweet Super Shepherd seeds!  It is now my job to grow up these open pollinated gems each year and save the seed!!!!  Hitting the market twice a week and additional storage cabbage deliveries keeps us hoping grading by the wood stove.  Hitting the kitchen to keep the prepared food available is a nice job when the weather is cold and snowy. Panzer our 6 month old Shepherd monster loves raw Sweet Potatoes almost as much as our customers! Seed ordering in underway....wish us a successful growing season! Full speed a head!