Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring update!

Beautiful Cilantro!  Plants are thriving but not without great challenge.  With the unpredictable weather we have to watch water application, as during cold nights and cloudy days plants do not need to be drenched.  Everything is in different containers and flats, so it's a complete custom water job at all times per crop and variety.  However within just a few short hours with the sun peaking out of the clouds the greenhouses heat up FAST and trays with small seedlings can dry out....It's a constant race around checking and checking the baby plants time and again through out the day.  Since we use only  a natural fish fertilizer it is necessary to do constant feedings to keep any plants from going deficient. 
Thousands of pots are being filled with only the best approved organic soil mix....
 Over 20 different vegetable crops, including 35 tomato varieties, most heritage in pots ready for May sales.....14 different kinds of basil this year! Over 20 other herbs including rosemary, oregano, parsley, lavender & thyme.. Make sure you visit Evergreen Garden Market this spring to buy our plants!  They are having their grand re-opening in the new facility on April 21st!!
Looking south, down house #2. To the right you will notice tomatoes, peppers and eggplants to be transplanted next week! 
 Lettuce, Lettuce, Lettuce!  As I've been stealing some plants for the pots, tons remain for spring field planting!  Ben should be plowing tomorrow.  These seedlings are ready to be planted!  Need the weather to cooperate!  In the background and to the right you will see broccoli, kale, onions & beet seedlings....
GARLIC!!!!  The crop is beautiful this year!!!
Ben checking the garlic crop over the weekend......We will be saving a lot of this crop for next year's seed but will have plenty more than last year to share with our market customers this year! :)