Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Great Ostergruss

There is lots to complain about.  The weather has been complete crap so far this year making everything more than the usual challenge.  It's overly wet, therefore things don't get planted on time and when they do get in the ground they are slow going because of the cooler temperatures. (our lettuces will be at least 3 weeks late)  Some say this is a more typical spring and we just go spoiled last year. Well, I guess it's important to look on the bright side.  I can't stand long grass and have a date with my weed-eater each week around all trees and buildings.  I can't sleep if the farm looks sloppy!  It seems to be growing twice as fast this year - Especially around the chicken coop where rats like to try to 'hide out'.  No cigar you nasty buggers. We are very busy with the greenhouses, so when field work cannot get done, the family is working in one of the three greenhouses.  Today was mass harvest the "Ostergruss" Radish day!  These guys love the cool temperatures and we were pleased to find some huge, huge ones out there!  If we don't hurry and harvest, when we do get some 'heat' this weekend they are going to split!  At market most customers mistake these giants for 'carrots' until the foliage confuses them. They are very eye catching and very, very good!  A good spice to these gems, raw with dip is great, salad topping of course and then my favourites: Sauteed Ostergruss with butter & garlic (with the greens of course!) and Cream of Ostergruss Soup. The soup is a beautiful pink colour and I top it with chopped sauteed greens and raw round slices of the radish.  I will make a note to post some pics and the recipe.  Most customers following my advice and trying these dishes really enjoy them. 
Above: The Ostergruss popping out of the soil!  Makes harvesting pretty quick!
 Above: Ben checking the crop and harvesting this morning before market....
Above: Ok, so Panzer is not suppose to be in the greenhouse.  He gets to excited, wants to play and tramples the crops.  He's been yelled at many, many times.  He snuck in today and just sat quietly by a bin.  I didn't have the heart to kick him out, he was being a good boy....
All other crops will be late this year!  Enjoy the radish, we'll have them available for the next few weeks!