Sunday, November 6, 2011


On Tuesday, November 8th our daughter 'Smashy' turns 18 years old!!!! The farm is in celebration mode! HAPPY, HAPPY EIGHTEENTH BIRTHDAY SMASHY! 
Yep, and we actually got Panzer to 'settle down' on top the straw bail too! AND freakishly he's looking at YOU!! The farm is exactly the same and not much has changed since last year.  You are definitely not missing out on anything around here - just lots of work! We've recycled your birthday sign from last year. We use this board around the farm on racks and see it often and think of you ;)
Babca is doing great and she wishes you a big "Happy Birthday with much, much love xoxo Love Babca" 
"Happy Birthday Austin...Love you Flowers...You have to meet Panzer-Pants who we call Mr. Pants and Ka-Punzer  Love Dad xoxo."
So this morning to get ready for the 'photo shoot' Panzer is missing (down hunting at the creek with Rex) we can't find him ....Then we hear him barking his fool head off at Lady Bug.  He also lost his awesome studded collar in the corn field this summer! Lady Bug is also doing well.  No fence anymore, she's just all over the farm now.  Kinda dirty today! 
So, we love you Smash. We all miss you Smash. However we do understand and welcome you back with open arms whenever you can ;) Take all the time you need for yourself. This is your time, your young life and we wish you all the happiness and success in the the world! Remember, the farm and the farm family is always here - no matter what. Happy, Happy Birthday!