Saturday, March 10, 2012

Wash the "man" right out of your hair!!

So a while back at the Brickworks Farmers Market, one of my fav Evergreen volunteers, Marcella told me something interesting. She had been using apple cider vinegar on her hair for a long while. Waaa? Her hair looked shiny, clean, soft. She told me that after a while she didn't have to wash her hair as often! I was very skeptical. After all, I've been messing with my hair and using 'products' since the dawn of time it seems. It all started in the 80's....enough said ;)

My mom always colored her hair too. From 80's perms that were dyed blonde to a bright red bob for my wedding, my mom's hair was the only thing processed about her, the rest was legit. From her homemade food, herbal remedies, canning, preserving, modest wardrobe, she was the ultimate farm woman, down to earth hippy lady. All except the hair. My mom didn't even wear make up! No perfume- she would get a headache. Just the hair. And we all know how our mom's influence us. By the time I was an early teen I had the bottle of peroxide out trying to rid myself of my awful boring brown hair. A couple weeks ago I found my first grey. I decided that it was so sad I haven't truly 'seen' my real hair since I was a child. (though the insane dyeing is long over, I still opted for blonde streaks.) I'm organic almost everywhere else in my life now why not my hair??

Then as if a giant lightbulb went off, I started googling hair products and made the switch about a year ago to all natural, organic shampoos and conditioners. I didn't want chemicals on my head period. I decided to completely stop the 'streaking' too and am watching my hair grow out in all it's natural glory! In the sun I almost have an auburn tone and when I was a child the ends would always go blonde anyhow in the summer sun. How much time and effort have I WASTED messing with my hair? Makes me sick. It was fun when you're young, but it turns to an obsession when you get older! Enough is enough.

Then, as if it was meant to be I found the following link on Pinterest (my new borderline obsession). HO-LY CRAP! YES! YES!! Watch and share:

"Get your head out of your ass. No ‘poo shampoo and conditioner! Watch this!"
ASK UMBRA - via my favourite website: GRIST!

Now, needless to say it's only been a couple weeks for me but I can honestly say with a huge smile that simple baking soda and apple cider vinegar work awesome for me as shampoo and conditioner! Even my dyed ends growing out are shiny and frickin' soft! It's gotta be the alkaline properties of the vinegar - you would think acid, but nope, she works like a charm. It's hard to get used to shaking up the soda and scrubing it into your scalp. Bit awkward, no lather, but too bad, no whining!! The vinegar is easy, pour on, rinse off. I am seriously looking forward to never having to grace those damn isles seeking out stupid shampoo and conditioner ever again!! It annoys me that we are all such guinea pigs for companies to take advantage of. Beauty products are the absolute worse. Think about the money spent on all this crap, the slew of bottles upon bottles of crap taking up isles at grocery stores and other 'fine' outlets. Do yourself a flavor- try it for a month. Go a head! Wash the "man" right out of your hair! Do it! I think you'll be pleasantly surprised! And no, once the cider dries you do not smell like a fermented barrel. Lol.
AND my mother took my suggestion and has been using it for a week now too ;)

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