Monday, May 27, 2013

End of May already?!

Time for another update! Cannot believe how FAST the spring is flying by. We are so busy it is unbelievable! I always seem to post happy stories for the most part with pictures that make the farm look absolutely amazing... We are so, so fortunate to be 'food' rich! Our expansive market garden fields are such a sight to behold and be proud of! Being such micro growers, we still seem to make ends meet! That's all thanks to our awesome customers ;) We truly are fighting the weather again to bring on another tastey season!! Our lettuces are late, but steadily growing. Two weeks and it will be salad city!!
The kale is infested with flea beetles (not to worry, these pests take off when the kale matures and the leaves get tougher. Happens ever year and we do nothing but wait them out).
We are growing some new mini lettuces that will be enjoyed for sure! This is a shot of the nice mahogany 'oak stained' rich red variety. I can taste the antioxidants now :)
Here's a new mini green leaf.. an oak leaf with buttery texture:
Also, the organic strawberry patch is doing well! Pretty weedy and we have a lot of learning to do regarding organic strawberry production, but we are hoping for the best this year! No frost killed early blossoms, so we may have some in a few weeks time :)
And the markets! We are back at The Junction! We are pleased to be one of 17 vendors and the new spot right along Dundas is great! We continue to harvest Radish, lettuces, Bok Choy etc from the greenhouses for our small markets until the field stuff is ready. Thanks for your support everyone :)