Saturday, February 1, 2014

Forget the snow, spring IS coming!

I always get excited this time of year, as it's planning time! The time when you start fresh, make changes according to how last year went and how you predict this year will go.  To start the year of right, we are one of the proud recipients of The Big Carrots 'Nature's Finest Fund' ! This grant money will help with the purchase of a new seeder we need for the direct seeded crops so we can afford to grow more wholesale for The Big Carrot and other specialty retailers.  So if you live in the west end and shop at the Carrot, you'll be sure to see more of our homegrown veg in store! We've never received a grant before, so the whole concept is wild, but I can tell you that we are happy, humble, grateful and will no doubt work harder for The Big Carrot because of it.  We would encourage new, small organic farmers to seek information regarding these incentives. We should have been doing this for a decade now! Start by having a chat with Dave Cohlmeyer

 In other news, the heirloom tomatoes are up! We will not be firing the greenhouses for a few weeks yet, but this pic will make you feel spring in your soul!
So once again we'll have our tomato jungle greenhouses plus field planting of various types of heirlooms. Around the hundred variety mark perhaps? We shall see :)  If you are a small grower and need organic seedlings, now is the time to email me about custom growing your plants for you. We don't have a ton of space left but will accommodate as many as we can. Let us know: