Wednesday, April 23, 2014

"What are Sosnickis' up too, and when are they coming back to market???"

Everyone is anxious to receive word when we'll be back at markets and what is coming.... well folks - not for a while. It's cold and a bit late this year. (That's the field crops- better news in the 'covered fields'.....)
Good news is we've broke soil! Ben plowed and cultivated readying the ground for seedlings.  We have to watch it, as you don't want to jump the gun. If you can't smell the soil and the earthworms aren't around, your early plantings are just going to sit and not grow too well. Peas will go in, but I think we'll wait a few more days for onions, lettuce, kale etc. even with row covers (that are a must for us this year) the plants will thrive sitting on the wagons, drinking fish and hanging out for a few more days. MarketBaby Sadie has been tractor riding a lot with Ben ;)
Market veg is going along the east side of the house this year. My absolute favourite place for the veg! Looks amazing when I walk out the door and have a monster garden right there!  For now we are busily working in the 'covered fields'. And have seeded beets and huge tomato transplants already! We are using two glass cold frames, with a total of 9000 sq feet to grow 16 rows of heirloom tomatoes, beets and early greens. The new seeder we got through the 'natures finest fund' is working excellent. Fresh bunches of beets in a short while ;)  June heirloom tomatoes.  We've only had the one house with tomatoes - this year two, so lots to share early!!
Baby Sadie overlooking the first of the big tomato plants going in :) And the tomato row is only crooked because We followed Ben's beet planting! Haha... Blame Benny :p
Our third greenhouse is home to the seedlings. There is currently 4500 sq ft crammed packed with our field veg, Evergreen wholesale cow pot seedlings, and seedlings for 5 other farmers. I. Am. Busy. But happily so. The heat when the sun comes out is awesome and I look forward to the long, hot, summer harvest days...(the last blog post from last week has more info and pics of the seedling greenhouse if you want to take a peak). 
Well besides the growing that is main priority we've fixed up the bunkhouse for the workers arriving in a few weeks. This year a new kitchen ceiling went up, new dry wall upstairs, new plumbing, new toilet and a lot of scrubbing and cleaning to get that house rolling for another year. The health department did it's annual inspection yesterday, and our bunkhouse is approved for 7 workers. We can't afford that many, but added one more cousin this year for a total of 4 guys. Manuel and Sebastian are coming in May and the two brothers Domingo and Miguel arrive in June!
We've been grading out and selling potatoes still, all wholesale. It will be nice this year as we've managed to secure our own stock of seed potatoes this year! That's my afternoon job today - washing and grading potatoes :) That will wrap up potato sales for now. 
And getting books to the accountant and reconciling the first quarter of 2014 are other tasks we've been attending too! (Office work is dead last - I can't stand office days!!!!!) It's business, so you learn to tolerate the paperwork. I happily do organic paperwork, but the government stuff?...blaaa... Haha. 
So when are we coming back to our favourite city to see our favourite customers?? By the end of May at the earliest but it may push into June as well. It will be weather dependant.... Hmmm, would be nice to plant on Friday but now it's suppose to rain. You know the drill. Ben will be back as soon as we have those fresh lettuces and covered field beets and other spring treats. We miss you all too very much! Especially our fellow vendors and friends.