Wednesday, January 21, 2015

2015 is going to rock!

I know for sure that 2015 is going to rock! Ben and my babies make me smile constantly. I've also made quick friends with a holistic nutritionist by the name of Tanya Fraser.  She is super inspiring and looks at your life as a whole. She is also a personal trainer. I would highly recommend adding a holistic nutritionist to your life. Support what these pros do. Tanya has just recently started a podcast as well.
Surrounding yourself with HAPPY awesome people is enriching for the soul!  Banish the negative, poisonous, drama-damned people (especially when they come in the form of family members - they can be the worse!) Add to that a diet rich with the best wholesome foods and plenty of fresh air and exercise, and life can be very, very sweet!
Speaking of sweet, my newest passion is brewing my own Kombucha. I attended a class by Tanya and brought home my first scoby culture and have created a mass set up of jars and ideas for flavourings.  I use a really good green tea from David's Tea to make my Kombucha. Look it up - gut healthy and so so good! Being either pregnant or breastfeeding since 2012 I had to drop the cocktails. But kombucha with its zing makes up for my non-boozer lifestyle. There are vendors at the Farmers Markets that sell it as well, if you don't want to brew your own. I can't wait to do a blueberry one....and a pineapple mint one! Possibilities are endless. Smile and come out to a farmers market soon!