Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Organic Birthdays...

Our family is trying hard every day to eat the best we can - even during celebrations! For Sadie's birthday I made an organic fresh fruit cheesecake (It was so nice to enjoy a little bit of organic imported fresh fruit after such a long winter).  And when you use organic cream cheese, dairy and eggs in baking - man oh man is it good!! And I kept the cane sugar content low in the cakes. A peach punch with my canned peaches from last summer; my homemade salsa seasoned with spices and my dehydrated basil leaves enjoyed with organic corn nachos. A garlicky hummus with our colourful carrot sticks for dipping; organic cheeses, humblebread... etc etc were feasted on while we celebrated Sadie turning two! My mom jumped on the 'healthy but yummy' bandwagon too and made organic chocolate covered oranges and a killer guacamole!
So birthday parties don't have to be a giant fondant mess of refined sugar, artificial colours and flavours but instead really really yummy and healthy!