Friday, July 17, 2015

Time To Get Pickled!

Ok, our cuc crop looks decent so far! This can change fast as we have no way to combat mildew issues, so if you want organic cucumbers for pickling - don't hesitate! First come, first served and I currently have a list started from my first blog posting.
We are charging $30 for a half bushel case which is approximately 25lbs. A full bushel order is 2 cases for $60 firm. We are doing a mix of the small sizes, so they will fit nicely in your jars. We do not harvest the tiny size of no.1.
You can put in an order by simply emailing me at We will deliver cases to Dufferin Grove farmers market on Thursdays and Evergreen Brickworks on Saturdays. Hopefully for the next 4 weeks, maybe longer. (Google the markets, they are easy to find - I can't respond to all the emails we get with directions etc) 
Let me know how many cases you'd like and which market/date you'd like to pick them up. Sending me a phone number I can text to confirm is easiest.
Ok! Don't delay, we may have a bumper crop and lots for everyone or it will be fast and over before we know it! There is a late patch, so we may get lucky and have cucumbers for a while, but organic cuc crops are dicey, so we hope to hear from you soon!