Friday, January 25, 2008

EAT WELL during these cold months! Meal Ideas...

Enjoy just eatting today ol' girl, as for tomorrow our farrier will be picking up lazy ol' fat "Lady Bug" and we'll be riding in her indoor arena! It's cold, and the best way to keep warm during these cold Canadian winters is to get moving and also to EAT WELL! Lady Bug enjoys her organic hay and oats we grew for her! Here are some ideas using our produce we grew for you: How about roasting our sauerkraut with savory meats from the organic market, like lamb ribs or good cuts of beef. Creamy potato soup: render down our onions and baccon, add chicken stock and chopped potatoes, simmer till tender, puree and add some good quality cream, salt, pepper to taste, and MAN it's perfect with toasted Rosemary market bread. (made fresh by Dufferin Grove Park Bakers!!!)
Scrub up some of our storage beets, leave skins on, cut tails and tops off, wrap in tinfoil, bake at 350 for an hour or until soft. Skins peel off easy with fingertips, slice and add olive oil, minced garlic, feta or ricotta cheese chunks, nuts/seeds, some greens and enjoy a sweet beet salad! Our potato/cheddar filled perogies also hit the spot this time of year, along with our sauerkraut filled ones! I boil our sauerkraut, pan fry onions with organic butter on the side, add together and pinch inside the dough pockets. Simply delicious and warming this time of year! Stay warm and always eat well! ~