Saturday, August 9, 2008

Hard work pays off.......

This picture of Ben cultivating our cabbage was taken yesterday (Friday) afternoon. It didn't rain yesterday, but did Thursday and we got another dump just tonight. Coming home from market downtown T.O. today we travelled with the thunderstorm. Coming through Burlington, black skys and downpour. Just on the east side of Brantford we passed a firefighters battling a hay bail blaze in the rain! We figure the pile must have got struck by lightening!

Anyhow, this is suppost to be a positive blog. Yes, our cabbage is nice this year! This is our field 103 according to my Pro-Cert records and has been carefully managed all these months. Lots of hand weeding, hoeing. Plus the fact that the bugs are not bothering the cabbage much this year! I can't find any worms, not even in the broccoli!! Potato Beetles are horrible, but those looper worms/moths are not around! Funny how it all works. What a learning experience!!

We begin our corn harvest this week! Finally, ORGANIC SWEET CORN!! For the record, a lot of conventional corn seed is chemically treated so that it can be planted into cold spring soil. We use natural, untreated seed that needs to be planted in warm spring soil, hence the reason we are only starting harvest now. It all depends completely on the weather for us. Despite the challenges with disease and weather, it is clear to see on our market tables that we are still going strong! Once again, this is because we have a diverse planting and never count on one particular crop! Enjoy the picture. Ben is really proud of this one!