Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Hey Podge! This Perog is for you!!!

After talking about it for months now, I have finally created GLUTEN FREE Perogies!!! I had one of the best market helpers ever this past season. Miss Padraigin Murphy, my little Irish helper, nicknamed 'Podge', informed me she has no problem shooting whiskey, but if she has a piece of bread or eggs, she would be 'hung over BAD' the next day. I watched her at market truly missing out on a lot of food I don't even think about while I'm scarfing it down. She was truly missing out. I promised I'd work on a gluten free version of my perogies for her. It was not easy. The consistancy of gluten free dough is very different, but if anyone can do it, my Ukrainian/Polish crew can!! I did trial runs. I still need public opinion. I do not want to sell food that doesn't taste awesome. I am creating organic prepared food with flavour AND fat! You will never get skinny on my food. I could use eggs in these new perogies, but I opted not to, especially for you Podge!! So, an egg replacer which is basically made with most of the specialty flours I am using plus leavening. The first batch was a mixture of Tapioca Flour, White Rice Flour, Quinoa Flour, Potato Starch, Xanthan Gum, along with butter, oil, egg replacer and water. Not bad at all. Ben actually liked them (however they were served to him pan-fryed in butter. I think that is universal food-love to serve anything basted badly in butter!!!) THEN I got rid of the Quinoa flour, which I find to have a stronger flavour I didn't care for in this particular recipe and replaced it with a generous amount of Potato Flour. Oh yes, here we go!! I didn't want to hit up perogies already filled with mashed potatoes with potato flour, but it works wonderful! Next time I intend on using mashed potatoes right into the dough too! With the butter, oh man! Of course, the filling can be well enjoyed as it is simply a glorious mixture of organic yukon gold potatoes and organic old cheddar cheese!! Gluten intolerance people rejoice!! Now, try and not gain 20lbs!! LOLOLOL!! Endulge, Enjoy!! You are soo welcome!