Tuesday, March 31, 2009

No. 3 greenhouse BEFORE pics!

A while back, Ben began working on this particular project. We removed all the tables from our no. 3 greenhouse, amended the soil nicely adding compost and field soil and planted some early spring crops! By the end of April we should be able to offer the markets Spinach, salad greens, bunching onions, radish, Asian greens, arugula, head lettuce by beginning/mid May etc, etc. I'm also popping in some tomato plants too, so I should have some amazingly early heirlooms & cherry tomatoes this year! And flavour wise, they will be awesome! 'Greenhouse tomatoes' have a reputation for being tasteless and boring. I've sampled some before. However we are not using synthetic soil here! This is genuine field soil and compost! Just a glass roof overhead to control moisture and temperature during cooler nights for the first little while. I did a trial run with heirlooms in there last year. They were excellent! So no worries on quality!! I'll make sure to blog again when it's nice and green!