Once again this year, Ben and I will be making our organic compost available to the city of Toronto gardeners!! I had lots of great reviews last year from folks, so we decided to share again! Each bag is $5 and will cover approximately 10 sq. feet 2 inches thick. I begin delivering to Toronto: April 23rd (Dufferin Grove), April 25th (Green Barns), April 30th (Dufferin Grove) & May 2nd (Green Barns). More dates may become available in May as delivery is needed. I ask that you email me at with name, phone number and number of bags ordered and date and market you wish to pick up at. You will be put on my compost list! Do not wait too long, as we shut down compost orders once we get busy on farm with other various tasks. I've also decided to create this blog to assist you Torontonian's with some answers to your numerous questions I've received via email thus far. I hope this helps out.....
1. "Do you sell bulk quantities at a discount?" a. no, sorry.
2. "Is this plant based or animal based compost? Is it organic?" a. All animal based and completely organic! Here's the story: We grow all our own certified organic hay, oats and grain crops. Our horse eats only our own food source! Her manure, her small contribution, is piled along with our neighbours cow manure behind our barn. Our neighbour is certified organic dairy. He buys the straw from our grain crops, uses our straw for 'bedding' for his cows and our payment is 'used bedding', a.k.a. manure! The pile is concentrated and is turned twice annually. Micro organisms do their job by breaking down or decomposing the pile until we are left with odorless black gold, rich with nutrients! We run it through a dirt shredder so it contains no lumps and is easily spreadable.
3. "How much do I use for two big planters? Is this compost suitable for vegetables?" a. As much as I would like to magically know the dimensions of everyone's planters, I do not. I can tell you that this compost is perfect for all vegetable crops along with flowerbeds or lawns too! Don't overload is one word of advice! It is nitrogen rich, so if you dump tons on a vegetable garden for example you will have lush, lush growth, but little yield!! This website will help: COMPOSTING Council of Canada located at Scroll down to 'How can I use compost' and you will be happy to see discussions about topdressing, flowerbeds, tree planting, vegetable gardens, mulch and lawn establishment. If you have any additional questions not covered here, please don't hesitate to email and I will do my best to get back to you!

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