Seasonal Food for your health........

Last Friday I was on a high. Ben was feeling the same way and asked for another cup of 'juice'. Usually Fridays are met with lack luster feelings. We have a big day harvesting and have to go to bed early to be up and going by 3am Saturday for markets. - It's nice to have discovered a way to feel 'better' about our work schedule! Over the past few years we've made lifestyle changes. ****Quit smoking the big one! Ben: October 2003 & Jess November 2007!!**** (I held onto the world's dumbest comfort crutch for way too long after Ben!!) Now, the introduction to juices made from our organic vegetables is a welcome addition! A bit of work, but worth every second! We are making an effort to offer vegetables for 'juicing' as affordable as possible at markets. We know how much it takes to juice a few cups! There are tons of websites out here regarding juicing. I don't need to re-cap. Just google it and a wealth of information is right there. Ben and I feel particularly good after a couple daily servings of carrot, cuc and a tiny bit of beet. (Watch it with beets! Very powerful! My mother in law drank way too much one time last year and had a racing heart!!) You feel awesome: more energy, softer skin, elevated mood and mindset. Kera, our awesome market helper this year said (0nce she learned I'd been juicing and felt great) "I can just see you and Ben becoming vegetarians and doing yoga in the fields!!!".......hmmm, not right now for us. You are what you eat, ALWAYS take care of the insides! But, just remember to 'juice' in moderation as this high concentration of vitamins should not be messed with by going overboard....
Cucumbers! It is cucumber season around here! The cuc beetles are not too bothersome and so far no disease in our patch! WOW is all I can say! We should continue to have an abundance of great cucs at market this week! These cucs we sell are PERFECT FOR SALAD! People are always asking me at market: "Are these eating cucumbers??" I always laughed at hearing this and came up with many different answers for THAT question I usually kept to myself. What they always meant was "are they just for 'pickling'?". My answer is always NO. I think that these cucs (ones grown for dill pickling) are the BEST for salad and fresh eating! The flavour is awesome and they have tiny edible seeds the long English type do not. Peel, slice thinly, mix with sour cream a bit of sugar and cracked black pepper - WOW! Kids love! BUT you can also make your dills too! Again, google. I cannot give my mother's recipe away! I can tell you it is not brain surgery and is not hard! Just like cabbage rolls, it's the prep work that takes the longest! Basics: Water, vinegar, sugar, pickling salt, LOTS of garlic and LOTS of dill....that's all I'm saying...I might want to pickle for money one day!! LOLOLOLOL!!

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