Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas From The Farm!!

Well, it's that time of year again and how quickly it all comes and goes! Christmas on the farm has always been special.  We all come together to eat and drink with family and friends, sharing the bounty from our harvest and buying in other great foods from local producers. For kids, well it's a spectacular time, especially if your lucky enough to actually SEE Santa outside with his big sack and know for sure his sleigh and reindeer are parked behind the big hedge in the field!!!  We've had a lot of fun during past Christmas's!!
  Ben and I have been rushing around - not buying gifts or dealing with mass shoppers -we don't buy into the retail aspect of the holidays, instead keep busy like elves ourselves grading storage crops, delivering produce and attending markets!  It's been a busy, busy season!  We get two Saturdays off, but the Thursday markets continue!  Christmas eve will be a celebration packed with 'Prawn Wontons' and  'Duck Poutine', a menu sure to please!  Ducks cannot be mass produced like Chicken and Turkeys, all packed into large barns fed medicated feed and hormones, as they will DIE!  That is why you do not notice as much duck meat at the regular grocery stores but a plentiful amount of chicken and turkeys. They need fresh water and sun! Duck meat is dark and succulent and I am going to slow roast mine with a Rosemary Thyme Butter under the skin and it's cavity filled with orange slices! I'm then going to offer up fresh roasted duck meat a top deep fried French Fries and top with Monforte's Cheese Curds and homemade Mushroom Gravy loaded with Garlic! I'll spoil the animals Christmas morning with some cooked grain and mashed no. 2 potatoes and a hefty amount juice carrots for Lady Bug, the most gentle horse on the planet! No word of complaint when I put a Santa hat on her head for this photo!
"Merry Christmas Smashy!" (Love Bug. XXOO).
 And most especially, a personal holiday greeting goes out to our daughter, 'Smashy':  We miss you and Christmas just won't ever be the same without you around!  Please come home one year soon!  Understand that your next visit to the farm will be met with only smiles, laughs and encouragement like always. You are one of a kind. We wish you an awesome Christmas and a Happy New Year! Don't work too hard...;) Ok, OK, enough mushy crap: stay tuned, as Paul is coming over for Christmas, along with other fun friends and family members, so I'm going to get them to pose with your holiday sign too!!!  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!