Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day Ted!

'Happy Father's Day' to my farming father Ted who is has probably been awake for 2 hours by now contemplating what needs to be done in the fields! We're dragging you off the tractor by 5pm for a feast dad!! I love and respect you dad for making me work hard, never just giving me money or spoiling me, 'leaving me the hell alone' when I was a teen, letting me live and learn, never involving me in your adult problems while I was growing up, letting me love and be loved by all the others in my life, and for letting me know you were always there for me when I needed my DAD! Always a cell phone call or farm visit away, it's always felt warm and fuzzy to know I've got a tough farmer at my back. You're irreplaceable. How's THAT for sap!

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