Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A trip to Grand Bend....

A booming thunderstorm followed by the rainbows last week seemed to be the last of the wet, wet weather. Probably just for a short while....  While the fields remained wet, we took two trips to Grand Bend to meet organic potato farmer Marcus Koenig and check out his seed potato stock.  His seed quality was excellent!  He is a kind man who took the time to share his knowledge about the different varieties and all about their tastes and how to cook with the different types.  We discussed our land and soil and he gave us advice on how to keep our soil at optimum health for continued success with organic potato growing. 
We finally chose six new varieties to try this year along with our tried and true Yukons and Whites.  Marcus has informed us that once we try this different yellow flesh, we may never go back to a Yukon again!  Hmm, we'll see!  This is a Red/Gold variety we are very excited about.  We needed a good red potato and this one has brilliant red skin and bright yellow flesh.
Russian Blue....suppose to stay purple when cooked....I will be making a wicked potato salad with these puppies this year!!!
Russian Banana Fingerling.  I've wanted to grow fingerlings, so I am excited about these guys. Not only do we have this type, but also a red/gold fingerling too!!  Also another
 While in Grand Bend at Marcus's farm I once again had this amazing feeling that Ben and I are in the right business.  Both our faces totally lit up at the site of all the massive totes holding all these awesome seed potatoes ripe for the picking and planting!  We are lucky to connect with other farmer's such as Marcus Koenig and his wife. Despite the fact that we were 5 minutes from the lake and beauty of Grand Bend, we didn't holiday.....back on the highway to head home and put these suckers in the ground!