Thursday, July 7, 2011

Ben & Bug and the long weekend

Last Sunday was a busy one.  Despite the fact it's a 'holiday weekend', we continue on as usual at the farm. Unfortunately the weeds do not stop growing for a long weekend!  Our horse Lady Bug came over to the picnic table for a visit.  She is very social and pretty much free range around the farm. On this Sunday she pretty much fell asleep while Ben scratched her ears.  Big suck horse.  She is getting adventurous and heading out pretty far on her own into the fields! When Ben cultivates, she finds a beaten path and goes out there!!  It's quite funny as she's not wrecking the crops (just fertilizes them!) as she prefers a lane way to walk on. She shows little interest in the lettuces, beet greens and other crops that had me concerned as I know how much she eats!

Our compost maker is truly appreciated and loved! Panzer our Shepherd is slowly learning to respect the horse. They 'play' well.  Gives 'ol Bug a bit of excersise to combat a young Shep. Bug turns 17 this year. I'm going to try and get her to live till at least 40!! Sitting under the canopy of the messiest nut tree on the planet is everyone's preferred resting spot during the summer months.
After Ben's break with Lady Bug he hit the fields again to cultivate the young crops. He's cultivating one small patch of cabbage and in the front is celeriac and basil.
Soon-to-be Best Friends. We hope.