Sunday, July 10, 2011

Dry July....

Yeah, so now it's dry. (Check out the dust trail behind Ben and he races around checking pipes.)  I mean really, really dry.  Last week, the 6th of July we irrigated half the farm.  Today the pipes were taken apart, moved to the other side to hit the potatoes, tomatoes etc.  So we've weeded and watered the broccoli, kale, beautiful onion patch, one sweet corn patch, carrots, beets, peas, garlic, cucumbers and beans. 
First line we ran to cover the broccoli and onions....beets, carrots & newly planted sweet potatoes at the back. To the left is our 'chop suey' first lettuce patch nicely disked up!
Our first patch of many of the sweetest Sweet Corn!  Can't wait!  Beginning of August we will have corn galore! 
I love this picture!  Our broccoli going 'AHHHH' after a nice long drink of water! I am not complaining about the lack of rain for now. Truth be told, and I'm scared to say this out loud, but it feels like 2007 all over again.  I may have the nicest tomatoes this year!  For us, because we are a small farm, irrigation is easy to manage.  It is much easier to apply some water when we absolutely need it rather than deal with cold, wet summers and disease and dead crops.  It does bother me when it goes from one extreme to the other.  Cutting the farm grass twice a week to keep it manageable to no cutting at all for two weeks! So much rain we couldn't plant on time this spring, now no rain so we must irrigate.  Ahhh, the life of a farmer. Good thing I love it sooo much! ;)