Friday, June 29, 2012

The Beginning of the Summer of 2012!

Time for a quick crop update with a bunch of photos I took today. It is dry out there.  Very dry and irrigating has become essential for the future development of the crops.

  Potatoes are doing well, but we noticed as soon as they began to get 'thirsty' the potato beetles started moving in fast and hard! Nature and her creatures always have this way of being able to tell when stress sets in.  
Our lettuce is pretty much finished.  With the heat a lot of our hardy heads bolted.  There is nothing to do about that. Just the year. Our peas are also not that great - again the heat.  The kale is doing fab as shown in the above photo. Kale is a very easy crop to grow, and is so, so good for you!! The broccoli looks like it's melting in the summer heat! We'll have nice heads at market tomorrow, but I am sure glad we didn't go hog wild and plant a lot of it this year.  Broccoli is another crop that doesn't love the intense heat. 

Now, what is absolutely thriving are the tomatoes, eggplants, peppers & onions!  We have spent hours upon hours hoeing and cultivating these onions, not once, not twice but four times so far! We have our weeding logs neatly organized in our 'chronological log' all ready for our organic inspection this Tuesday via Pro-Cert Inc. The basil is also rooting down and green as grass and growing nicely!  The basil will pair nicely with the heirloom tomatoes that are starting to ripen in the 'covered fields'!! Whoo check these puppies out:

Yes, the pictures of the tomatoes were taken today!  If I was not greedy and harboring all these newly ripening ones for myself I would bring them to show off at market!  We'll definitely wait until we have more to share with everyone! Have a great summer everyone filled with tons and tons of fresh organic vegetables! ;)  We'll keep you updated on farm progress as often as we can! Time for this chick to head outside and sweat some more in the fields!