Sunday, June 3, 2012

Enjoying a lot of Avocados lately..

Before I begin blogging about *Strawberries* I thought I'd sneak in a quick note about my obsession with avocados. I now frequent the website: World's Healthiest Foods and the write up about avocados is quite thorough. This is a healthy fat people! I'm so damn tired of all these fake 'fat free' plastic foods that are mainstream. Shopping in a regular grocery store makes me very angry. Ok, ok, no time to rant! I ate the most amazing Fish Tostadas at 'Cool Hand Of A Girl' cafe Saturday after market. Lucia, the owner has been buying our cabbage for ages at Dufferin Grove and it was time to sample her creations! Ben and I along with my market helper Toshimi and her husband Sam had an excellent meal! The tostadas were soo crispy! A base of yummy black beans, bed of Haddock fish, topped with the most amazing avocado topping! A side of coleslaw containing our beets and cabbage with a hint of curry, apple cider vinegar - fresh and delicious! Lucia came and sat with us and we had a great chat while we enjoyed our meal. Toshimi and Sam swooped in to pay the tab and then hugs all around. Man, these folks sure love to spoil farmers! (Well, I know a few people who are getting a few flats of free strawberries!!) Check out and if you are ever in The Junction area of downtown Toronto hit her up for breakfast or lunch!

I've seen a lot of different Avocado Hummus's on the market lately. I decided to make my own today! Simple, delicious and I'll be munching on this for breakfast and dessert!
In your large food processor with heavy blade process:
-Handful Cilantro
-1 Jalapeño (with seeds!)
-I add 1 tbs Habanero Sauce from 'Cool Hand', but you may find the heat from the Jalapeño is enough.
(give this a wazz before adding the next ingreds)
- 3 Avocados
- 1 can of Chick Peas (Garbanzo Beans)with some juice. You'll see as you process if you need a bit more for texture)
- 1/2 a Lemon
- 2 tsp Unrefined Sea Salt.
Now, if my Garlic was ready I would have added a couple cloves too!
Process until smooth and delicious! Use as a dip for nacho's, smother on toast or a baguette! Ooo, or I'll toast some of St. John's Olive and Cilantro loaf and spread it on that!
I used my own Cilantro, my own pickled hot Jalapeños (fresh would be best). The rest of the ingredients are all readily available organic now. Yes, even the thin crisp nachos I buy now are unsalted and organic! Enjoy!