Thursday, July 19, 2012

The dry dog days of summer

It's dry. Very dry. The last few nights Ben's been up until after 3am irrigating. He's completely hardcore this guy as even during the intense heat of the day when all the animals are passed out in the shade, everyone else is in the barn, Ben is hauling ass out in the field cultivating under that hot July sun. He just doesn't stop. A very hardworking dedicated farmer. I am pretty glad we've got so many appreciative customers because Ben deserves it. Ben's one of those guys that can take a beating and just keeps on going. Never complains or whines and even on the worse days has the biggest smile you've ever seen! He's a good man and deserves nothing but the best. As we trudge on through the next few years paying down the debt, I am hopeful Ben can learn what a holiday is all about. It's funny, as we always say we'll take a break in February but it never happens! We have many obligations at this point in our lives and working the farm to honor those obligations is key right now. We're good at nose down, keep working, but it gets really frustrating when the weather is extreme like this. We are really hoping it decides to rain at some point in time this summer. It's big trouble. A lot of corn is stressing, it's in 'pineapple mode' as it goes all spikey due to lack of moisture. Our sweet corn will be ok as we can irrigate our small farm but it's freaky how low the water is getting.... Even being able to irrigate the extra time and work involved to lug all the pipes, (this is where Benny's muscles come from), running the tractor for hours on end to pump the water, and the FUEL costs associated with that all effect the bottom line. It's going to be a rough, rough year. At least we have access to some water for now. The good thing for us is very little disease. The field tomatoes look great, so I am going to push Roma sales like crazy and count on these crops to help pay these extra expenses that have popped up due to extreme weather conditions. We always seems to find a way to manage. So do us a favor. While your sitting back at the cottage or out playing at the beach know that the farmers that feed you need your support and expect to see you very soon at the markets!!! Even our little Indian runner duck is sad as his little pond in front of the sweet corn is all dried up this year. He now hangs out at the house under the picnic table with a bucket of water!!